The sailing centre in Sochi was 40 years old

Southern Federal sports training centre “South Sport”, the object of which is the sailing Centre, one of the major centers of the national team on sailing in a major international competition, including the Olympic games.

As stressed, the center hosts year-round regattas, Championships and Cups of Russia, and sailors of the national team have the opportunity to conduct training activities is from October to may. It is the only Russian base of Federal significance for competitions and training camps in sailing in the winter time. This is the uniqueness of the sailing center.

The history of the sailing centre in Sochi started long ago. In the mid-1950s, the initiative group of Amateur sports has created the Amateur club DOSAAF for activities such as Canoeing, scuba diving, sea all-around. A place where the club was based (future yacht club, Sochi) was a simple coastline with a boathouse for storing equipment of the rescue service. In 1965, there was built a substantial shed, which became the place where the club was based DOSAAF, and the team received the status of the national team in Sochi.

The main prerequisite for the creation of a training centre for sailing was the need to ensure conditions for year-round training team of the USSR. Since 1968, training and sport sailing elite have begun on the territory of the Sochi seaport, in the early 70-ies was chosen for the construction of a permanent training base at the mouth of the bzugu river,just at the place where the sea school DOSAAF Central rescue station of the city of Sochi. The possibility of a Grand building appeared in the process of preparing for the Olympics-80.

In 1975-1976 the sports Committee of the USSR even considered the possibility of carrying out in Sochi a sailing competition in the Olympic games in 1980, but in the end for this purpose was chosen Tallinn, and Sochi have established a reserve base and training Center sailors.

Training centre for sailing teams of the USSR was built in a record time of three years was built. Passport from the state Commission was received on 29 may 1980. This day is considered the birthday of the sailing teams of the Soviet Union.

“I believe that our sailors achieved great results and will to perform well in the competitions of different level, – said in his congratulatory message the head of the fgbi “South Sports” Mikhail Dremov. – Very proud that in our institution there are not only objects of the Olympic legacy, and historical sports venues. We wish the veterans of the sailing center strong health, optimism, new horizons and great weather. Victories, medals and the highest sporting achievements of Russian sailors in various tournaments and fruitful work on the stages for training. Looking forward to seeing you again on the objects of our base.”

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