“The result is always important”

The press service of the Russian championship in yacht class “Dragon”, which ended today in St. Petersburg, worked at the highest level – thanks to colleagues! Here is one they prepared materials.

Before you interview a famous yachtsman, skipper, Navigator, sailing master, rider of international level, participant of three round the world races, Vladimir Kulinichenko. In fact, he long ago living overseas in Saint-Petersburg, but the last days spent in the city on the Neva – performed in the championship of Russia the crew of Sergei Bakharev (RUS 84).

– Vladimir, you have such an extensive sailing career. Transatlantic race around the world. What resulted in the Dragons?

– First, I really wanted to get back to where I started. We started all in the Soviet Union. Russia, Ukraine – are we all that close. Secondly, the opportunity to socialize with old friends – the same Sergey Borodinova, with children from former Olympic team. This possibility did not exist before, and Sergei Bakharev invited me to the crew. We train and race, including boats more than these: Bavaria Cup and so on.

– How high is now the level of competition, “dragons” compared to the years of your youth sports?

– We are currently chasing at a very high level. Here in the race involved the first four boats of the international rankings. We are near very strong riders, which raises the level of the regatta, and the level of those people who are in this company – they are learning a lot. Even losing. For example, I learn how to set up the boat how to tactically fight. Here is a very difficult wind conditions. Compared to what it was many years ago, a lot of the houses are configured, and there are constant visits of the wind. Now the driver needs much more patience than before.

The dragon has stepped far forward, in terms of technical equipment?

– We’re in the “classics”, and our boat was made in the sixties. She has now been upgraded but the hull and mast are the same. Sails more or less new, but not fresh. However, we are trying to compete. In one of the races even on one of the brands came first. And with Loginov went near his boat is very fast. Plus it helps the coaching staff, we have no such possibility. But chase still nice.

– There’s no envy to modern buildings?

– Absolutely not. I get pleasure from the “classics”. I raced on boats, which for a hundred years. In Cannes, Antibes, Saint-Tropez. I am very glad that on the docks in the Central yacht club are renovating the old “classics” and other boats. Simply amazing how love there this. People generally need to see the sail beautiful. I’ve been chasing the “flying keels” that really fly. Very interesting. But the classics should not be forgotten. This is our story. In General, the wood is beautiful, warm. Need to combine ultramodern and classic boats. It’s all still sail! Anyway – hydrodynamics and aerodynamics, and all subject to the same laws. High speed under our age is not suitable. Reaction is not the same…

– Maybe, as in skiing, to be divided into skate and classic?

– We also have different offsets. In San Remo in November will be a big regatta where the “classics” will start separately and not in the General group, as we are now. If invited, we will go. I have considered this question. The dates line up. I have this regatta as the time between the two competitions is wedged.

– What for you would be this trip? Just to experience the atmosphere of celebration of the 90th anniversary of the “Dragon”?

– Sure to be present part of the sport. We racers! On whatever you’re chasing, at least for a tub with a sail – it is still a sport: someone will be first, someone last. So the result for us is always important.

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