The pursuit of Eluting and Burmistenko

As the press service of the WFTU, the third racing day of the championship of Russia in class Windsurfing RS:X, held in Sochi on the basis of the fgbi “South Sports”, again brought athletes of weather surprises: the race is held in weak winds, but the leaders were those who were better prepared not only tactically but also physically.

And the good news is that in each of the three races, the men had different winners. The first was the best athlete sailing school “Krestovskiy Ostrov” (St. Petersburg) Vladislav Burmistenko. The second – the representative of the Centre for Olympic training Sochi Eugene Aivazian. And the third is another sailor from the city is not the Neva – Ilya Kirichuk.

“Today the conditions were difficult: it was cloudy and had to look for impulses that could come from the left, then right, – said after the race Ilya Kirichuk. – No one could predict where to go: just threw a coin and choose a side. Following his tactics, I had to stay closer to the shore. And due to the fact that all guys gathered to sign, I had to go underneath all. And so lucky came an impulse, which, except me, did not come to anyone! I was able to break away from the leaders and himself became a leader.”

This victory helped Ilya, reaching the fifth, a little to close the gap on the top three and very close to Maxim Tokarev from of sshor of Khlebnikovo. Now the fourth and fifth places are separated by only one point.

In the end, after the three held on Friday racing men’s disposition has not changed. The first place continues to hold Vladislav Burmistenko, who scored 15 points (3-1-3-1-4*-1-3-3). Behind him, with a lag of two points, located Eugene Aivazian (2-4-2-4-1-3-1-5*). Even at one point more than Alexander Askerov (5*-2-1-3-3-2-5-2) – he is third.

But the girls happened reshuffle in the fight for bronze. Anastasia Shchedrin, representing the Academy of the sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg, completed the race with the third, sixth, and fourth wards, and fell to fourth place. Third place intermediate Protocol now is Anna Korikova – athlete of the school “Krestovsky island”. In the first race of the day, Anna had managed to get ahead of the leader of the team Stephanie Elfwine came first. Now Anna 21(1-4-5-3-6*-1-4-3). Second place is a Muscovite Yana Reznikova. 16-year-old athlete scored at the moment 17 points (3-2-1-5-2-6*-2-2). First – with nine points – remains Stefania Elfwina. Only three times in eight races, she finished second, and the remaining five have won.

“We believe and hope that the other girls will be able to catch up to Stephanie, – said the chief coach of Russia Natalia Ivanova. – We have talented young people – it showed last season. Jan Reznikov won the world championship, held in Saint-Petersburg. Anna Korikova also is tightened, it begins to periodically “bite” Stephania – in the two races came in front of her. It is clear that to Stephanie it is very-very far away – it is the unconditional leader. Nevertheless, this is a very good trend. U Pani Natali a very high international level, and if the girls begin to cling to, so they are already capable of fighting in the gold fleet at the level of major international competitions.

And Yana, and Anna is still very young, they have time to progress. Is Stefania, from which they can grow. It is clear that this year for Stephanie is to address a few other problems: there is a deliberate preparation for the Olympic games. But still there are boys in competing with that, guys improve your results. They all train together, and it is very useful for girls. It usually happens in countries where there are strong guys, girls also tightened. And after playing in Tokyo, we combine all into one group and will try to do complex charges, so that young people could learn from the older comrades.”

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