The prize will be more

The government of Russia, according to “Kommersant”, increased the size of premiums that are paid to winners and prize-winners of international and national sporting events.

Prize for gold medals at Olympic, Paralympic and deaf sports at the world Championships increased from 224 thousand rubles to 358,4 thousand rubles, for silver — from 112 thousand rubles to RUB 179,2 thousand, for bronze — from 67.2 to 107.5 thousand RUB thousand RUB

The size of awards for similar awards at the European Championships respectively, increased from 112 to 179,2 thousand RUB thousand RUB thousand RUB from 56 to 89.6 thousand rubles. and from 33.6 to 53.8 thousand RUB thousand RUB

The Cabinet of Ministers published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

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