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At the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg ended with the city championship in sailing. In a regatta took part 359 athletes. The championship of Saint-Petersburg became the most numerous of the urban competition for the last 30-40 years.

In the first days of the regatta the organizers were lucky with the weather. On Saturday, the wind strength was 2-3 node that was not enough for the races in most classes. As a result, start out only windsurfers. The second competitive day the wind increased, but remained approximately in the same condition. Thus, to the equator of the championship judges were able to hold the race from windsurfers and “Zoom-8”.

But the second half of the regatta was rich on windy days. By the beginning of the starting procedures of the third competition day the wind rose to 7-9 knots. Compared to windless the start of the regatta so strong and stable wind South-East direction seemed a real gift. Since that day, the weather didn’t disappoint sailors and allowed the judges to hold 8 to 13 races in each class. Least it starts at “Optimists” and “Laser 4,7”, but most have Techno and RS:X.

The programme of the final competition day of the championship of Saint-Petersburg also is Packed with events it includes as two of the final race and closing ceremony.

Race day began with a moderate South West breeze at 5-7 knots. Initially the judge had planned to hold three races, but in the middle of the day the wind dropped, so the organizers decided to return the fleet to the shore.

In the most numerous class “Optimist” won a landslide victory athletic Academy sailing Cyril Shanenkov. He’s a brilliant start to the regatta, scoring four wins in four races, but then slightly slowed down. In the following four starts, he came in second, sixth, fourth and 23rd (the release). The finale of the championship of Saint-Petersburg on account of Cyril was 16 points. Another “academic” Nikita and the Black athlete “the Rout”, “sailing Academy of sport” and “sportsmanship according to the BBC,” Daniel Pepper lost to teammate 18 points.

Winning all four stages in series regatta “Optimists of the Northern capital. Cup Gazprom” Cyril became the absolute champion of the competition and received the gift of a brand new sail.

“I liked the championship of Saint-Petersburg, – says athlete Academy sailing Cyril Shanenkov. I did not like the wind because he was weak most days. For me the biggest flop was the last day because it started the final series and needed to do something with the result. The best was the first. I got the lightest fleet and managed to use it. On superiority of Russia are aiming to get into the top three, and so to continue on.”

Among girls in the competition “Optimists of the Northern capital” the first and the second places were shared by the athletes “Vodnik” Alisa Ivanova and Dean Zhilkina (for 52 points). Behind Darya Savinova from the Vyborg school “Favorit” (72).

In standings of the championship of Saint Petersburg among the girls first place went to Alice Academy in Ivanovo of sailing, the “Raut” and “SVSM air force”, scored 47 points. On the second line Marina Babkina (108, Academy of sailing), the third – Julia Naymushin (140, Academy of sailing).

In the end, I took 20-th place in General classification, – said Alice Ivanovo. And among St. Petersburg girls I first. Happy with the result because it was not my weather. It was hard for me on such a wind – strong wind, I chase a lot better. Soon I will change to another class. I still think, but not always on the “Optimist” to sit on. I’d like to be Shkotovo on the “29th”. Meals in the championship of Russia and ready to fight for first place among girls – and not only because the competition for girls is a bonus. In some countries it is, in principle, no. I think that with the guys too cool to fight.

In the class “Zoom-8” gold and silver medals were won by the sportsmen of the Academy of sailing, the “Raut” and “sportsmanship according to the BBC” Stepan Binges and Daniel Serdukov. In 10 races Stepan scored 13 points, while his rival – 17. The bronze medal went to Artem Markov (“Krestovsky island”). Among girls the winner was the athlete “Krestovsky island” Elena Obodzinska (34 points).

In class “mini Beam” won the Gregory Aristov (“Baltiets”, “shvsm po VVS”). Behind it there is the teammate Vladimir Gasanenko and the athlete “Krestovsky island” Ilya Tyurin. Among girls the first was Veronica Smirnova (“Baltiets”, “shvsm po VVS). In classes, “Ray-radial” and “Beam” on the first line in the overall standings also sailors from the “Balts” and “sportsmanship according to the BBC” – Anna Gaponova (8 points) and Maxim Kozubal (7 points) respectively.

In the class “Laser 4.7” and “Laser-radial” in the overall best performed athletes “Krestovsky island”. In the first modification from all his pursuers came off Maxim Shaposhnikov, who beat Peter Pashutinskaya and Arcadia Karmanova and the second victory of Vladimir Novosyolov in the fight with Alexandra Lukoyanova (first place among girls) and Elizaveta Borovkova (the second place among girls).

In the pre-Olympic classes “420-d”, and “29th” traditionally reigns the sportsmen of the Academy of sailing. Among the “420” better than everyone expected, made the crew Ksenia Monastyreva/Tatiana Golozubov, should be placed Artem Kuzmin/Alexander Melnikov and Pavel Baryshnikov/Dmitry Jakobson. But in the class “29th” the struggle for leadership went to the last – Anna Korneva and Eugene Stepanov’s decisive race walked Vladislav Grahovo and Ivan sologubova.

– We had a pretty tight fight, because he was weak in the wind, and we in him hard to chase, – says athlete Academy sailing Vladislav grahas (class “29th”). – We weigh much more than the other crew. It turns out that in weak wind, we had to go much harder than them. On the last day the wind was really nice, so we lost the last race. Need more practice in the gentle breeze. We got quite good at it. On superiority of Russia want to take the revenge”.

The championship of Saint-Petersburg was particularly eventful for windsurfers. In the class Techno and RS:X was organized from 13 races, and the class “DNA” – 11.

In the class “DNA”of the whole podium was occupied by athletes of the Academy of sailing. Alex Vorobiov first place, Akim Petrov second and Anton Golubev – third.

In the class Techno of 8.5 in the overall standings was not equal athlete Academy sailing and “sportsmanship according to the BBC” eve Game. Behind her settled Alexey Efremov (“Krestovsky island) and Alex Burkin (Academy sailing).

In the class “RS:X” the victory was won by Mikhail Alexandrov (“Krestovsky island”), the silver went to his teammate Gleb Semiletova, bronze – Andrew Caravan (Academy sailing). Athlete Academy Anastasia Shchedrin took the first place among the girls and second in the overall standings.

We will remind that following the results of superiority of St. Petersburg determined the composition of the national team that will represent the Northern Capital at national regattas.


*See: the results are nonresident athletes, but in the standings of the championship of Saint-Petersburg are only athletes representing the city schools.

Phillip Kovalev

the press service of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg

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