The main events ahead

Familiar picture: “Russian heroes” in the lead after three races of the second stage of the European division of the World League of yachts Melges 20, which takes place in of Puntaldia in Sardinia.

“Heroes” (Igor Rytov, Anton Sergeev, Konstantin Besputin) – 12 points (parishes 2 – 6 – 4). But as the Argentine skipper Boogie 2.0 Pierluigi Rambelli (parishes 4 – 3 – 5). So the main events ahead.

This is the kind of places the rest of the yacht under the Russian flag: Pirogovo Alexander ezhkov – 4th place Team Alex Alexander Mikhailik – 10-m, Nika Vladimir Prosikhin – 16-m, Pavel Grachev Meduza – 18-m, Elf, Sergei Sobolev, on the 19th.

In all, the regatta was attended by 23 crew.

Results after three races –

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