The madness of the brave?

As reported TASS, today the Japanese Coast guard rescued on the West coast of the island of Hokkaido citizen of Russia (and, as explained far Eastern colleagues, and even a citizen of Israel), the yacht of which (namely cruising Dinghy T-2) has suffered a disaster.

Yachtswoman Tatiana Ryabkov had intended to make a solo sailing trip from Vladivostok to Israel through the Pacific, Indian oceans, Red sea and the Mediterranean. (And again clarify colleagues from the Far East, not for the first time).

The second of June, it was noticed by a patrol plane of Japanese Management of safety on the sea. The woman filed a distress signal, and it has sent a patrol boat, which towed the yacht to the nearest port Iwanai in Hokkaido. After repair Russian woman intends to continue the voyage, reports TASS.

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