The flagship of the Benetti launched

Gigante FB 277 from the Italian shipyard Benetti December 18 went to the maiden voyage of the floating dry dock in Livorno, where she was taken last week. To its owner 107-metre long giant of steel and aluminum will be after the New year, and since the summer of 2019 it will become available for Charter through Imperial broker. The company has already announced the start of the reception of preliminary applications for booking a vessel.

“The project FB 277 — an important stage in the history of Imperial. This is one of the most exclusive boats available for Charter. This milestone demonstrates the positive impact of our young but growing company in the superyacht industry, precisely because we stand behind the delivery of one of the most stunning yachts of the last decade”, — the Director of the Imperial Julia Stewart (Julia Stewart).

Maximum width FB 277 — 15.2 meters. For the interiors of the ship were answered by the specialists Benetti, but for the development of naval architecture, were joined by Pierluigi Ausonio Studio which has already collaborated with the Italian yard for the creation of several 30-and 50-foot projects.

One of the highlights of the boat was the Hamam, mounted in the beach club, as well as a giant pool on the sun deck. Journey on FB 277, according to Julia Stewart, will be a “Charter of Haute couture”.

“The project FB 277 in reality turned out more beautiful and impressive than we could imagine. During the launching, we realized that this is the first vital step in our brand to offer in the sector of gigayacht the same outstanding high-class boats, like those that we known in the market for megayachts. Today Benetti is the only private shipyard in Italy and one of the few in the world, production capacity which allow to build vessels more than 80 meters long. Giganti Benetti noted on the map manufacturers of boats more than 100 meters,” says CEO
Benetti Franco Russia (Franco Fusignani).

All on Board in eight cabins and can accommodate 12 guests. There are 18 cabins on the 32 is designed for crew members and staff.

Diesel-electric propulsion system will allow the boat to reach a speed of 18.5 knots. Her cruising speed is 16 knots.

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