The first was a yacht from Finland

Completed 3rd phase of the Saint-Petersburg sailing week. Participants came to one of the most beautiful Islands in the Baltic sea –Hogland.

At 9.00 am on 12 August, the Navy participants of the St. Petersburg sailing week has started from Sosnovy Bor on the island of Hogland. This is one of the longest stages of the race about 60 nautical miles. In the third stage of the regatta was attended by 22 boats, one of them is from Finland.

The first finished just Finnish yacht “Anastasia II”, the test group, ORC. The crew walked the distance in less than 10 hours. It is noteworthy that a foreign boat for the first time took part in the Saint-Petersburg sailing week.

“This is the first bell, which notifies that the regatta became an international. We would love to have on our regatta came more foreign yachts. For its part, will render all necessary assistance with documents. Will everyone in advance to send out invitations and more actively promote our regatta not only in Russia but also abroad”, – says the Director of the regatta Valentin Naumov.

Behind “Anastasia II” finished the yacht “the World” (test group, ORC), the third crossed the finish line yacht “Slavia”. After recounting the results of ORC in the group can change. In this category the results of the participants are determined by a special system which takes into account the size of boat, sail area and other characteristics.

The wind was favourable throughout the race, the yachts were the same tack, the course was changed from close-hauled to the galfvind that forced the race to change the sails and to choose the right course. On the way to Gogland wind came and increased sharply up to 12 meters per second, at this moment, many of the slower boats, thanks to his skill closer to the leaders.

Following the first trio of ORC finished yachts “L-6”. It’s the largest fleet of classic yachts in this competition. Recall that in the framework of the St. Petersburg sailing week takes place at the Russian championship in the national cruising racing yacht class “L-6”.

From “sixes” finished first “nick”, second place – Delta, the third – “Varyag”.

“When you start, always want to win. Desire to win – that’s probably it. This race was without looked like, it was necessary to keep the speed and to react to changes in the wind,” – said the captain of the yacht “Nika” (class “L-6”), Vadim Manukhin.

In category Carter 30 in the first place yacht “the horn”, in the second place “pole”. In the category “Taurus” was the first “Frigate”, the second “Condor”, third – “Margo”.

Today the race takes place around O. Hogland. Morning, August 14, the Navy participants of the St. Petersburg sailing week will go to Vyborg.

You can track location of the yacht, account wialon the link Login: Sailing week, Password: 123456.

The future programme of the event:

August 14 – island of Hogland – Vyborg.

August 15 – port race in the waters of the Gulf of Vyborg.

16 Aug – Vyborg – Primorsk.

August 17 – port race in Bjorkezund Strait.

August 17-18 – Primorsk – Kronstadt.

The press service XXIII the Saint-Petersburg sailing week

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