“The first two races did not work”

April 22, 2019

      "The first two races did not work"
      On Sunday, April 21, the final medal race of the 3rd stage of the World Sailing Cup took place in Genoa. Unfortunately, the Russians did not hit them.

"The first two races did not work"

We asked the athletes of the Sailing Academy, Jan Cech and Ivan Zotov, who became the 15th regatta, to sum up its results.

Jan Cech, the helmsman, class 49th:

“The regatta was marked by difficult weather conditions. Especially on the first day. All days of races the barrel was weak, there were no races for 2 days at all due to the absence of wind.

Our first 2 races did not work, but then we gained momentum day by day and by the end of the regatta rose quite high in the standings. The annoying “black flag” in the last race (we came 1st in it!) Did not allow us to stay in the top 10 and take part in the medal race.

Nevertheless, I am glad that I managed to confirm my level.

The main task was to drive as best as possible, but still the main starts ahead. I think we managed. The first two wards, even if one of them with the “wheel” is worthy for this fleet.

According to the plan, on the 3rd of May we will fly to the UK for a gathering, then we participate in the European Championship there.

Many thanks to the Sailing Academy and the Yacht Club for their support! ”

Ivan Zotov, shkotovy, 49th:

“The regatta was difficult in the first place, psychologically. Probably for all riders and judges as well. The races were held with very light wind, a lot of time waiting for the wind on the shore and on the water

We did not succeed the first day, somehow everything did not develop then. But then luck was on our side and the remaining 7 races we passed on an excellent level. We are pleased that they competed on equal terms with the strongest crews of the class 49er.

Particularly pleased with the race in the golden fleet, where the struggle is even denser, and the price of any mistake is very high. We even won the last race with an advantage, but, unfortunately, we were disqualified for a false start in this particular race. What threw us from the 6th position to the 15th. Well, it happens. In any case, satisfied with the regatta and their results.

Thanks to all who support us, special thanks to the Sailing Academy and the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg! ”

Evgeniy Kitayev

Press Service of the Academy of Sailing Yacht Club St. Petersburg

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