The first day of the Star Sailors League finals: wrestling, breakage, and fall

The first day for the qualifying races of the final of the Star Sailors League was tense. In Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, in the four races won by four different teams. Brazilians Robert Sheidt (Robert Scheidt) and Henry Benig (Henry Boening) took first place in the first race, Brazilians Lars Grael (Lars Grael) and Samuel Goncalves (Samuel Gonçalves) — second, Americans mark Mendelblatt (Mark Mendelblatt) and Brian Fatih (Fatih Brian) — the third American Augie Diaz (Augie Diaz) and Brazilian Bruno Prada (Prada Bruno) — in the fourth.

If on the eve of the start of the competition was postponed for a day due to complete lack of wind, on this day — the fourth race — it was even too much.

DURING the RACE due to rain and squall with gusts up to 25 knots on the boat new Zealander Hamish pepper (Hamish Pepper) and Briton Steve Mitchell (Steve Mitchell) broke the mast. and the Italian Diego Negri (Negri Diego) was unable to keep his balance, and overboard.

Before the fall of Negri and his team (with the German Fridtjof Wedge (Frithjof Kleen) in the role of Shkotovo) was one of the favorites of the race, but by the time the Italian was brought back on Board, they were in the tail of the fleet.

The Russian-Ukrainian crew of Georia Shaiduko and Vitaly Kushnir for unknown reasons, until this day did not participate in the race. In the table of results on the event website in front of them is marked “the team came out to start”. Besides them in the race was also not a British-Swedish Duo Iain Percy (Iain Percy) and Anders Ekström (Anders Ekström).

On the first day of the first place in the overall standings took the winners of the first race Robert Sheidt and Henry Benig (6 points), second place winners of the third race mark Mendelblatt and Brian Fatih (8 points), the third to Diego Negri and frithjof the Wedge (13 points). 15 points from occupying the 4 and 5 positions of the winning teams of the fourth race Augie Diaz and Bruno Prada and poles Kushnerevich Mateusz (Mateusz Kusznierewicz) and Dominic Zizkovo (Dominik Zycki), which Mendelblatt and Fatih walked in the third race.

“We managed to get out of some nasty situations and it was good, but we still need to be faster when we go against the wind. In two races we bad started. The level is very high, it is difficult to do well. We are happy that we will continue to break away from opponents, but when the day passes at four races, a lot can happen,” says Robert, SADT.

According to the forecast, on the second day of competition of the North-East wind which brought the participants a lot of trouble to persist. SADC, expressed the hope that it will be added and waves.

“They will make the conditions more interesting, especially in the areas against the wind,” — said the sailor.


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