The first day of the Championship of Russia took place without racing

August 28th at the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg started the Championship of Russia on sailing in international classes.

The competition is held in six classes: “Laser 4,7”, “420”, “29-y”, “Techno”, “RS:X” and “Nakra 15 – mixed”. The regatta three distances: “yellow” – classes “420” and “Laser 4.7”, “green” – for classes “To 15” and “29 minutes” and “red” – for classes, sailing Board “Techno” and “RS:X”.

In the regatta attended 287 young athletes from 36 cities of Russia. The age of the sailors: from 11 to 20 years. To participate in competitions in Saint-Petersburg arrived even athletes from Belarus.

Most of the participants in the Championship of Russia in international classes showed up in the class “Laser 4.7”. For the victory in this discipline compete 95 riders. Before each race day, the athletes are randomly divided into two fleets. After the training they will form a “Golden” and “silver” fleet (48 – “gold”, 47 – “silver”) and will chase directly to the fleet.

At the opening ceremony with a salutatory word to participants addressed Elena Solovyova, project Manager of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg:

“Dear friends! We welcome you in the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg. Welcome to our beautiful city and our yacht club. We are honored once again to take the Championship of Russia on sailing. We know that this regatta is a great challenge for each of you, and important step in your career. Therefore, we wish you all the luck. And for my part, I promise that we will do everything possible to get you back from this regatta with the best memories.”

The first day of the regatta not pleased with the racers and organizers of the fresh wind. Wednesday on the water area of the Neva Bay of the Gulf was calm, the wind force of 0.5-1 nodes are not allowed to hold any rally.

“Sailing always depends on wind and weather, – the main judge of competitions Vladimir Komel. – We are still expected the best forecast, because the wind, which we were promised by weather forecasters, fell. Going tomorrow to catch up. Saint Petersburg has become very unpredictable in the last two or three years. Winds can appear suddenly and as suddenly to end. The Yacht club is the most difficult area in our country where is very difficult to predict the change of wind and current. Young riders will be very difficult to understand the wind conditions. The fight will be hard, they all want to win high places and get into the youth team of Russia”.

The results of the competition will determine the teams in the respective classes who will represent Russia at the international regattas in 2020.

The program of the Championship of Russia in international classes:

August 29 – September 1 – race days
12.00 – start of the first race.

1 Sep -18:00 closing of competitions, rewarding of winners

September 2 – the day of departure.

Yacht club of Saint Petersburg, Lahta, Beregovaya str., 19

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