The fight for license: Commissioners until the second

In Sakaiminato (Japan) the world championship in the class “Laser standard”. Today – Saturday, July 6 – took another two races. After which our Sergey Komissarov takes the 15th place.

This is – if briefly. Now read more. In both races of the day the Commissioners finished 9th. Now he has 30 points. Maxim Nikolaev is on the 40th place (68 points), Daniil Krutskikh – 85-m (126).

When this came forward the new Zealander Sam Meech, who in both of these races won. He has 13 points. It turns out, the Commissioners, after 6 races, behind the leader at 17 points. That, I think, is not the abyss.

But, more importantly, not even that. As we mentioned in Sakaiminato should be awarded 5 tickets to the 2020 Olympics. So in this “race licenses” at Komissarova very good position.

A large part of the licenses, of course, has already been played a year ago in a comprehensive world Cup. And of those who they claim now, the best results are from the following countries and boaters:

10. Sweden. Jesper Hardangerfjord and in Voss – 23 points;

15. Russia. Sergey Komissarov – 30;

19. Spain. Joaquin Blanco Alabat – 40;

20. Hungary. Benjamin Vadnai – 42;

21. Guatemala. Juan Ignacio Maali – 42.

To make predictions, of course, so far, but hopes for a favorable outcome there, and it will agree, good!

On the other hand, we must remember that, besides those already mentioned, in the Gold fleet of the representatives of the five countries that have yet to get hold of the Olympic licenses. So the struggle will be fierce.

Yes, we still have not said that the qualifying race is completed, and now the participants will compete in the Gold, Silver and Bronze fleets.

Results after 6 races:

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