The fifth attempt to conquer the Jules Verne Trophy

Yesterday at the Multiplast shipyard in the French city of van after a few months of renovation was launched on the world’s largest, 40-meter sailing trimaran Spindrift 2.

As stressed by the skipper of the trimaran, Jan Guichard, the ship became more easy, fast, and reliable. And already on October, 1st Spindrift 2, which in the coming days will drop the anchor on the team’s base in La trinité-Sur-Mer, the crew will be introduced a state of maximum readiness for the new start.

Yes, friends, Guichard and Spindrift 2 to start the next, already the fifth attempt to set a world record round-the-world race non-stop! Perseverance is a great quality!

We will remind, in 2016, the team was forced to quit when the finish line was only 2600 miles – because of the massive anticyclone that’d have to go over the edge. A second attempt Guichard undertook in early January 2018, but few hours after the start gave the command to return to port. After a few days, Spindrift 2 is re-started, however, in the first day racing lost their mast.

Fourth attempt, as you know, failed on 1 February this year, when 1,200 nautical miles from Cape Luwin in the southern ocean, Spindrift 2 has damaged the right wheel. It should be noted: all 16 days that the trimaran was in transit, it is significantly ahead of the record of their greatest rivals – trimaran IDEC-SPORT and skipper Francis Guaiana that from 2017 owns the Jules Verne Trophy (40 days, 23 hours and 30 minutes).

According to Guichard, this time the maximum readiness for the start will not last more than two months.

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