The envelope will not catch up?

Come to the end of the fifth day of the transatlantic race Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe (3542 nautical miles from St Malo in Brittany to Guadeloupe). Let’s see what the situation is on the course.

In division Ultime, according to experts, almost everything is clear. After one by one the race was stopped Maxi Edmond de Rothschild (skipper Sebastian Josse), Sodebo Ultim (Volume Covill) and IX Banque Populaire (armel Le Cle), the only competitor françois Gabaret and his trimaran Macif is Francis Joyon (IDEC Sport).

Thus, Guion says nothing is yet clear and the whole struggle is still ahead. But is it? Now, at 13.30 Moscow time on Friday, Guion behind the leader at 137 miles, while that to the finish line less than 1300 miles. To win back this handicap, of course, difficult, but possible. We have seen worse.

Driven by the trade winds, both Maxi-trimaran are very smartly: in the separate sections of their speed approaching 30 knots. If it goes on like this (and the weather is favorable), the Envelope is likely to be able to improve the record Route du Rhum, established four years ago by Leuk Paranam – 7 days, 15 hours, 8 minutes.

In other divisions, the leaders have also decided, earning a significant advantage over rivals. The only exception – class Imoca 60, where commentators unanimously predict a fight to the finish between the Englishman Alex Thomson (HUGO BOSS) and Frenchman Paul Belgatom (SMA), which is now shared by 44 miles.

The leader of the division, according to the tracker is German Boris Herrmann (Malizia 2 – yacht club de Monaco). But those same reviewers agree that this Queen for a day. Well, let’s see. Judging by the tracker, Herrmann remains to finish 2413 miles.

And short on those who are ahead in the other classes:

Multi 50. Thibaut Voxel Camus (SOLIDAIRES EN PELOTON ARSEP) – to finish the 2821 miles.

Class 40. Yoann Risom (Veedol – AIC) – 2570.

RhumMulti. Pierre Antoine (OLMIX) – 2534.

RhumMono. Sydney Kavine (CafeJoyeux) – 2911.

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