The dream of three friends

What you can find on the Internet! Here, for example, such history.

Once three friends of Dutchman Arjen, Andreas and Jorn – traveled by tourists sailing aboard the ship Europa. And, imagine, a couple of weeks on Board of the famous sailing ship, proved to be enough for all three of them – separately and together – experiencing the dream. To establish a cargo sailing company. First in the world.

And established in 2007. Called the company three friends – Tres Hombrеs Shipping or Fairetransport. She owns two vessels. 32 meter schooner Tres Hombrеs (first picture) with a lifting capacity of 45 tons, goes across the Atlantic, and its “younger sister” Nordlys (25 tons) along the European coast. Carry coffee beans and cocoa, wine, olive oil.

Friends happy. The cause to which they dedicated their lives, not the money, but, in their own words, the happiest. Because of the nature of the harm they bring. And what others want.

And, by the way, Tres Hombrеs and Nordlys always assign a place for students-trainees. Let the happy people on the planet getting bigger.

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