The dragon on the crest of a wave

This conversation today has published a website We decided to reprint. First of all, because the conversation was interesting.

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We present to your attention an interview with Chairman of the International Association of yachts of a class “Dragon” (IDA) by Senatorov Vasily (RUS 27).

And this year – anniversary. In what form the Dragon approaches its 90th anniversary?

– I think that class is now stronger than ever over the last ten years. The number of boats rapidly increased. At major competitions go racers top-level, as well as a small number of Amateur crews who want to race with professionals. And a lot of local competitions held in Germany, France, Holland, Italy, and other countries. For example, I can call Estonia, where he revived a national championship.

This year we for the first time as an experiment, hold the European Cup Grand Prix, which includes four of the regatta the first grade. In early April race in Cannes in may, was Cascais – traditionally, the prize of king Juan Carlos. Then in July, a competition was held in Kühlungsborn. The last stage will be the regatta in Majorca, in Palma at the beginning of November. And there will also be a Grand final. It will be the best twenty crews, and a certain number of seats reserved for Amateur teams.

The Grand finale is reserved for two days. It will be conducted according to the following formula, borrowed from the Stars Sailing Lеаgue. In the end the four best teams will compete for the Grand Prix racing on a short distance. The Chairman of the race Committee will Nino Shmuley – Israeli, which in 2016 was the main judge at the Olympics in Rio.

– From chief justice much depends…

– Yes, and improved flight-management is one of those tasks that IDA is trying to solve. It is not very easy. Many clubs are opposed to invitations of judges from the outside, believing they can cope on their own. But, unfortunately, my judge is good when races are held in good weather, and when there are any disasters, they sometimes get lost. Therefore, the group of active riders have made some contributions, and we have the opportunity to be invited as chief judges of the best specialists.

All this is some signs of class update, which attract more and more famous riders. For example, came in the “Dragon”, the Australian Peter Gilmour participant in several Cups of “America,” the double world champion in a match-flight, double-version of the ISAF was the best sailor on the planet. On the 90th anniversary, were going to visit the famous Olympic rider Robert Said, but he now goes his own Olympic campaign in the “Laser”… Appeared in the fleet of Mateusz Kusznierewicz, who a month ago won the world championship in the class “Star”, the Olympic champion. Simultaneously, there are young Amateur crews who are very well show yourself.

The class develops in waves, and now we are on the rise. In order for this success was not temporary, we pay great attention to promotion, promotion. For example, all Cup shot professional team is one of the world’s leading media agencies ICARUS Sports. Stories every day left on 62 the world channels!

“Dragon” is attractive to boaters because it is a genuinely democratic class yachts. Only in the competition in “dragon” can be found such a combination of well-known racers, representatives of Royal families, captains of big business and ordinary sailors. There are no VIP Lounges, VIP Lounges, VIP berths. This is where we differ from many other classes.

– At the anniversary regatta will feature many boaters?

– Yes, we expect to start out around 160 teams. The regatta will take place in San Remo. The President of the yacht club San Remo Giuseppe Zaoli just raced Marblehead Trophy. Coast jubilee regatta head of Tatiana Kurbatova. Thanks to contributions from advertising and donations, which made some members of the Association, we have formed a budget that allows you to hold the regatta on a high level. The race will be held at two distances. To be determined gold, silver and bronze fleets. This will be a true sailing festival, which is to win, of course, the prestige, but the main thing – to participate. The high activity of the Russian crews – 12 teams go.

Russian sailors of the class look at the international level?

– We have two crews are in the top five of the world fleet Anatoly Loginov and Dmitry Samokhin. They have a great professional crews in teams good understanding. In this year, they took several prizes. In addition, developments at Victor Fogelson, acting together with Oleg Khopersky. Good chases Mikhail Senatorov, with whom we constantly compete. Igor Goikhberg sometimes shoots… as for our team, we are aiming to enter the TOP 20 at the end of the European Cup.

Russian Navy won his respect. And those international regatta, which we were able to spend in St. Petersburg and which was attended by European sailors, has shown that Russia can organize competitions of any level. As, for example, the European championship 2016, which was voted one of the best racers for the duration of these tournaments.

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