The concept of a new luxury

Y85 Princess, first shown in the beginning of the year at boot Düsseldorf, one of the six promised Princess Yachts innovative yacht and a new flagship of the flybridge range. The usual marking — MY — changed models up to 70 feet with the outer wheelhouse is now denoted by the letter F (Flybridge), but anything larger — the letter Y (Yacht). However, conceptual differences novelties go far beyond the alphabetic indexes. This is a completely new approach to yacht of this class and dimensions.


We started working with Italian design Studio Pininfarina working on the innovative project R35 hydrofoil, where the design elements from the world of cars absolutely naturally fit into the concept of relatively compact open sports boats Princess Yachts went on. Surprisingly, this approach worked perfectly and at a much larger cruise boat. Here you see all the same graceful lines: the outlines of the large-scale glazing of the hull and superstructure, a soft curve of the supports of the hardtop over flybridge, organic form teak details on the deck…

Special attention was paid to the creation of an open cockpit in the stern. Andy Lawrence, head of the design Department of Princess Yachts, admits that at the exhibition in Dusseldorf to potential buyers Y85 first showed a view of the swim platform and the cockpit. This “point of view” just shows the ratio of price and quality, not only because of the abundance of teak trim. Outset that the elements of the collection Allure that Princess Yachts has developed to customize the appearance of your yacht, Y85, as on all yachts over 70 feet, are standard at their considerable cost.

Andy Lawrence, head of the design Department of Princess Yachts: “Creating Y85, we worked with consultants around the world is another significant step in the development of the interior. For example, the lighting main salon has five modes. The most striking — for the daytime, so that when you come in from the bright sunshine of the deck, the eyes did not need long to adapt. There is an option of lighting for enjoying dinner or watching a movie to avoid any unwanted glare and reflections. In General, the lighting on Board is done so that no light source is not hit right in the eye. We sought advice because they are not experts in this area, but the entire lighting system is made by our own team of engineers and designers. It will be used on other yachts model range”.

But it’s not so much the number and quality of those details, but the impression they create. This kit makes the yacht look not only luxurious, but spacious. In addition to the teak steps, roof rails and trim, it features a lot of colors to achieve the effect of spaciousness. The result Y85 looks like a much larger yacht.


The layout of the cabin on the main deck can be called a combination: it turns out as a huge open space and zones that are able to provide complete privacy to the owner and guests of the yacht. The galley is combined with a Breakfast bar becomes invisible with one click: the rising of the electric drive partition isolating the area, and a private access from the galley to the deck the left side allows the team to move around the yacht without disturbing guests in the saloon. The second output — to starboard — is provided from the wheelhouse. It is also possible to completely separate from the salon with sliding door.

  • One button raises the partition separating the galley with a Breakfast bar from the lounge. Helm station can be isolated with sliding door

All guest areas main deck done at the same level, which also adds Y85 superyacht chic. In the aft cockpit is an outdoor dining area with teak table that retracts into a vast U-shaped sofa, if you need to clear space for the party. Formal dining room indoors, near the galley. And the whole aft part of the cabin — gorgeous lounge/theatre with a view through the panoramic Windows (the bulwarks in this area of the yacht lowered, and supplemented by a railing for safety). Out of the back of the sofa starboard raised a large screen, and the Naim system, included as standard, ensures the quality of the music.

If we talk about the interior trim, on Board Y85 solutions design Studio Princess in recent years is represented in its most luxurious form. The soft outlines of the furniture is not only a tribute to the famous fashion for “biodesign”, but a return to the basics of yacht interior. Ten years ago on most motor yachts dominated by straight lines and sharp corners. Looked impressive, but those who have ever been at sea in strong pitching, physically felt the pain when you look at this furniture.

Smooth lines — it is also emotional comfort. Now people spend on Board the more time and, knowing this, the design Studio Princess is trying not so much to impress from the first glance, how to create a comfortable, fatigue-free for long stay on Board Wednesday. And so it won’t look boring in the interior there are different textures in pastel colors with many subtle, exquisite detail.


On the lower deck four cabins for eight guests, each with their own private bathroom. Luxurious master suites are traditionally located on the midsection, where the abundance of light provide a huge window. Bathroom and dressing room are very spacious and equipped with many cabinets and drawers. By the way, the space to store everything you need on Board was tremendous, not just here. Generous specification promises in all cabins UHD LED TVs and the latest generation of Naim sound. The team provides a big double compartment in the stern with a separate entrance through the transom.

  • Interior forward VIP cabin. All guest cabins in standard configuration is installed UHD LED TV and the Naim system

Flybridge and outdoor areas

As you know, Princess Yachts is preparing to soon unveil a brand new concept yacht X-class (superfabric), but also on the upper deck Y85 want to exclaim: “But this flybridge is enough super?”. He really is just huge, and this time it’s not the magic parts. The flybridge is indeed physically longer than normal and extends slightly over the transom. Arrangement can be performed in different ways, but in any case there will be a large dining area, bar with barbecue under the protection of the hardtop and helm station with two chairs, located on a diametrical plane and is surrounded by sofas.

  • Collection Allure, contain an abundance of teak parts and other elements of the external decoration, the Princess Y85 included as standard

  • On the huge flybridge with a transparent enclosure aft optional you can install a Jacuzzi

Closer to the stern, under the sun, — a large lounger for sunbathing (optionally possible to install a Jacuzzi). Large area for free placement of beach chairs. Alternatively, you can install a gantry crane and store tender: flybridge and although long, it is enough “capacity” with the additional supports in the rear. However, this luxurious deck with a transparent guardrail is better not to spoil the “technical” details.

On the bathing platform with teak as standard, enough space to store even very large tender. As another “place in the sun” is the area on the bow deck. Sofa set on a course of movement is opposite the lounge, which transformirovalsya another sofa. Putting between them a table cell, you can get a great place for Breakfast, lunch or coffee.

Ride quality

Work on Y85 Princess was not limited to the “facelift” of the interior and exterior. The shipyard Princess Yachts and her longtime partner, a famous yacht designer Bernard Olesinski — modified hull lines, which reduced fuel consumption by 13% compared to previous models close length (MY85, MY82 and MY88). In addition, the increased speed. For comparison, just discontinued Princess MY88, which was longer novelties just for a few feet, developed 29-30 knots with two MTU V12 1948 HP Produced earlier MY85 gave 28 knots with the motors at 1925 HP, and Y85 is able to accelerate to 33 knots even with less power — with two MAN V12 at 1900 HP for Those who the extra couple of knots is not important, the shipyard offers a more peaceful option — the engines of 1,800 HP; but with them the maximum speed will be 31 knots — higher than predecessors.

However, the pleasure of yachting is not always measured in knots. Often much more important than comfort, and Y85 Princess, assured the shipyard, in this sense does not disappoint: the yacht is very quiet and comfortable on the go. This is achieved by careful insulation of the engine compartment and supports the engine to reduce not only noise but also vibration.

Here, perhaps, the most important thing we could learn about Y85 new Princess. The fact that the shipyard in recent years has made a huge qualitative leap in terms of design, visible to the naked eye. But the words on the preservation of design heritage shipyard are not only external features of Princess yachts, but, above all, to their running and seaworthy characteristics. All yachts Princess is not only castles on the water, but these modern vessels.

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