The choice of yachts for Charter: sailing or motor (part 2)

Not far off is the season of vacations, travel and adventure. Fans of rest on the water waiting for sea or ocean resorts and beaches, big Marina and small Marina. Some may prefer the Croisette and enjoy the easy beach cocktail, others will choose scuba and infinitely amazing underwater world, and someone will give vent to his inner sea wolf (or the wolf) and go free, their own independent travel on a Charter yacht under the hot Adriatic sun.

But how to choose a yacht? Do we want to go towards the horizon, catching the wind lifted the sails, or do we rush through the waves on the ship with a powerful diesel engine? The choice of yachts available for Charter fully depends on our preferences and desires. However, there are only three sailing yachts that are perfect for family and active vacation catamarans – double-hulled, relatively fast, comfortable and safe court, as well as motor yachts – for fans of speed on the water and luxury. So what kind of yacht to choose?

Sailing or motor?

(Continuation of the publication of 27.03.2014)

The main difference between motor and sailing yachts – stability, i.e. the ability of a vessel to withstand external forces, causing it to roll – wind and waves – and to return to a state of equilibrium. Motor yacht resist the wind and force of waves only through the power of its engines. Sailing yachts also have a low center of gravity and a heavy ballast keel, which works as “immersed wing” and gives the boat stability and drift reduction under the force of wind and waves.

In matters of maneuvering in ports and marinas sailing yacht, of course, is not so favorably a motor yacht. However, thanks to a deep keel, which is the center of rotation of the underwater part of the hull of the boat, and the position of the screw is usually offset to one third of the hull length from the stern, sailing yachts in the ports is very agile due to the favorable ratio of the freeboard and underwater part of the vessel. Manufacturers began to equip the most modern yacht thruster by which maneuverability of the yacht greatly improved.

The level of comfort on Board can also be an advantage a motor yacht. They are more expensive interior decoration, as well as large decks, specially designed for sunbathing, relaxation and outdoor activities. In cabins, salons and, most importantly, the captain’s cabin will always be more space than on most sailing yachts. Interior and interior trim, will usually be of higher quality with the use of materials from fabric and leather. The decks are covered with teak, cabins are spacious and have large bathrooms. The kitchen is also larger than a sailing yacht. However, all these advantages associated with some inconvenience to passengers of motor yachts: the shock waves at high speeds of turn on the ship’s hull, vibration, engine noise and smell the exhaust.

On a sailing yacht with a level of comfort in the first place subject to their main purpose – to sail. The deck of the sailing yacht less suited for parties, but at the same time, there are sufficient places for recreation and entertainment small company, and the improvement in the underdeck spaces approaches the comfort of a motor yacht. Comfortable cabin, bathrooms with shower cabins, double cabins, kitchen with gas stove and oven, fridge. All modern sailing models are equipped with a TV, heating and air conditioning very often. However, the main factor affecting the pleasure of staying aboard a sailing yacht, is the inevitable emergence of the roll during the sailing, which sometimes reaches 45°. In this state, literally everything on the boat is “sideways”, that can deliver passengers some inconvenience, especially if they were not ready for it.

The cost of rent a motor yacht several times higher compared to sailing. Due to the high basic cost of a motor yacht Deposit left when renting, is also significantly higher compared to the sailing yacht. Maintenance and service of motor yachts require additional expenses and costs much more than the content of sailing. First and foremost, because of the powerful engines, often operating at high speeds. Another reason which affects the inflation rates for motor yacht – the amount of additional equipment and supplies. Do not forget the cost of fuel, reaching a total of several thousand euros per week of rent, costs which must be considered.

The cost to rent a sailing yacht is much lower than the engine. Much less and fuel costs. So take a sailing yacht Charter is much more than a motor. An ordinary family of four can expect two or three thousand euros per week to rent a yacht with all additional costs.

After reviewing the above information, given the budget and preferences, you will be able to make a choice of yachts for Charter. If you like comfort, speed and force powerful engines, nothing will force you to give up motor yacht that has a higher cost of rental and maintenance. Sailing yacht will save money, give full contact with the sea and the romance of sailing, but will not tolerate careless attitude towards themselves and the laws of the sea.

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