The champion of Champions was Samokhin

Pozaviduem those who are now in San Remo, where in the midst of the celebrations, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Dragon class. Yesterday was truly magnificent – one of those that are remembered for a lifetime!

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Wednesday began with the Race’s 90th anniversary, in which took part 150, Dragon from 26 countries. When all lined up at the start (which, as you know, was not easy), the show went fantastic. Really, you don’t forget!

The winner of the race, which took place in the North-East wind with a speed of 12-15 knots, was the German GER1216 with skipper Benedict Gah (before he raced on the “Laser”) – and this kind of sensation. No such speed from Hacha and his team did not expect: special achievements for him in “Dragons” before that was not listed, and here, in San Remo, he the results of two qualifying races of the jubilee regatta went in the Silver fleet. And suddenly – such a success! The Germans led from start to finish: the first sign Gah and his team ahead of the second (he eventually finished second) Jens Ritsuka on MON 2 JEANIE for nearly a hundred meters!

The Russians in this festive race, alas, not flashed. The best of the yacht my tricolor – RUS 2 ALISA Alexander ezhkov – and finished 36th.

An important touch. The oldest boat participating in this race, was an Irish Gypsy IRL15: it was built in 1933! Incredible! On the steering wheel in Gypsy was 89-year-old don Street. And one of Skitovich – Kieran O’donoghue – she just turned 16… years! He was the youngest member of the Race’s 90th anniversary.

The detailed results of this race

But let us continue. This was followed by several special races – for the classic “Dragon” (it won tellinet Alex zhigadlo on RUS12 DRUG, for teams where on the wheel the woman, youth crews, veterans, family teams…

And finally came the race, which was intended to determine the Champion of Champions: it was attended by the crews, where the steering – Champions or medalists of the Olympic, world and European Championships and world Cups in any class or the winners of the Dragon Gold Cup. Incidentally, this race was attended by 49 crews: can you imagine what the current “dragon” celebrations!

And here, finally, came the Russians: among the first four in the final minutes of our countrymen three of them. Defeated the current leader of the Dragon European Cup Series Dmitry Samokhin (RUS 76 ROCKNROLLA). On the third and fourth RUS 2 ALISA Alexander ezhkov and RUS 27 Anatoly Loginov, ANNAPURNA. This wonderful campaign was able to infiltrate only Englishman Mike Budd on GBR818 HARRY.

Detailed results of all the special races, including Champion of Champions –

Then it moved ashore, where in a night club, Victory Morgana held a gala Dinner of the 90th anniversary.

Well, today again race. Will continue the jubilee regatta – now in two fleets, Gold and Silver.

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