The canals and bridges of Amsterdam

Amsterdam – one of the few cities of old Europe, which can boast the presence of man-made canals and bridges. Their appearance is the result of successful urban planning.

If you look from the height at Amsterdam, we can see that
channels surround the old part of the city in four concentric half-rings.
They constitute about 90 Islands, connected by bridges,
exceeding 1500. Along the canals are the most interesting sights of Amsterdam attracts thousands of tourists.

A bit of history

The first canal, the Singel, was originally dug in
1428-1450 years as the defence of the city moat. Gradually its shores
began to be built, and he was inside the city. For some time it was called
Koningsgracht that Dutch means the Royal canal. Singel
starts in Bay city and ends at the Amstel.

In the early seventeenth
century, with the rise of immigration and population, was drawn up an ambitious plan
the construction of three semicircular canals resting with their ends on
Bay. Work began in 1612, and lasted with a few interruptions
fifty years. So, the Herengracht, the second of the four half-rings,
Keizersgracht – the third canal, Prinsengracht is the longest of all. They
now used to get around the city. It is also worth noting that
the Amsterdam canals are marked in the UNESCO world heritage list.

Canal trips

Amsterdam is a great choice for a romantic trip.
To better know the city, we recommend a tour on the canals,
which is conducted on a small pleasure boats moored at
promenade. Such water activities are available to everyone and will take about an hour
time. Tourists can see the most emblematic places of the city, and tell
about the Maritime and colonial past of the Netherlands.

During these walks it is impossible not to notice the “parked”
on the sides of the floating house. Some of them are made from converted
the old barges, the other mounted on special platforms that can
towing with boats. His appearance they are required lack of
housing, which is particularly felt after the Second world war.

This idea was so pleased with the Dutch, that a floating housing filled all the shore and free
space is almost gone. Moreover, to be his owner – very
prestigious, because the cost of the boat is not inferior to the prices for a decent apartment. On
this time, only in one Amsterdam was over 2500 floating

Tip: some of the barges
converted into floating hotels Amsterdam, book a room they can
using popular Internet services.

Bridges Of Amsterdam

Numerous canals and waterways were forced to build
through these bridges, but this does not mean that they are secondary
buildings. During the day, they are beautiful, but at night some of them
staggering dazzling light, adding even more charm
the city.

Tip: if you stand at
intersection of Reguliersgracht canals and Herengracht (
the odd-numbered side), it is possible simultaneously to catch the view of 15 bridges.

To feel the atmosphere of Amsterdam as entertainment you can rent bicycles to explore the town as it
do the Dutch. The most famous bridges are:

Skinny bridge (Magere Brug) is one of the
iconic drawbridge in Amsterdam. It is easily recognizable thanks to many movies.

Torensluis Bridge – was built in 1648 and is the oldest
bridge city that has preserved its original condition. Latticed Windows under
it serve as a reminder of the prison that was once there.

The Python bridge (Python Bridge) – amazing for its
unusual snakeskin shapes. It was built in 2001.

Journey to the “Venice of the North” will significantly expand your
travel horizons and fill your holidays bright and unforgettable emotions.

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