The boat was named Te Aihe


      The boat was named Te Aihe
      Today in Auckland (New Zealand), on the basis of the Emirates Team New Zealand team, a solemn ceremony of launching the very first AC75 class yacht took place. On such ships, in 2021, here in Auckland, participants in the 36th draw of the America's Cup will fight.

The boat was named Te Aihe

Five hundred guests were invited to the ceremony, including the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Adhern, who made a short but sensual speech and, using a simple device, broke a bottle of champagne. The boat was named Te Aihe: translated from the Maori language – "Dolphin".

Note that the ceremony was accompanied by rain. Those present unitedly considered this a good sign: it means that Te Aihe will have a happy fate.

The first photos of the New Zealand AC75 (more than one hundred thousand man-hours were spent on its development and construction!), As you know, appeared the day before, but then the pictures were taken from a long distance. Now there is an opportunity to consider the first yacht of a new class in detail.

Well, consider!

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