The billionaire sent his yacht to help the victims of the fire in California

A detachment of volunteers under the direction of host multi-million dollar yachts on the water delivered humanitarian assistance to the victims of the fires in California (USA).

This horrific fire in California history never had before. The death toll is increasing every hour – at the moment there is information about 48 victims. While the Minister of internal Affairs of the United States Ryan Zinke (Zinke Ryan) went to the place, a group of concerned, headed by winemaker Howard light (Howard Leight), decided on the water to deliver food to those in the area a raging fire.

Light was provided as humanitarian ship your yacht Leight Star, which costs about $ 25 million.

To organize the humanitarian mission, the co-owner of the winery Malibu Rocky Oaks turned to his friend bill Kerbox (Bill Kerbox). During the day, managed to recruit volunteers, searching for them used social media. So that more people will learn about their initiative, it was decided to take the hashtag #malibuhope.

Police warned the group that they will be allowed to transport his own supplies of water and food ashore, so the operation was joined by surfers and boaters who were in the area. On Tuesday supplies were delivered to victims in the Bay , Paradise Cove.

After a few flights, Layt and his team managed to smuggle ashore about 3,000 bottles of water, 100 gallons of fuel, shovels, and even dog food.

Steel tri-deck Leight Star built in 1984 in the shipyard of Sun ast Marine and was last refitted in 2009. For exterior and interior were answered by Douglas Sharp Yacht Design. Cruising speed – 12 knots, maximum 15 knots. The superyacht features shallow draft (only 2.3 meters), which allows it to enter shallow harbour – an important advantage in humanitarian missions.

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