The best of ours is still Ivanov

April 20, 2019

      The best of ours is still Ivanov
      On Friday, on Lake Garda in Italy, where the 37th Garda Meeting Optimist regatta is taking place, two races were held in all fleets.

The best of ours is still Ivanov

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Recall that this year 1164 young athletes from 40 countries take part in the “world's largest regatta of the same class”.

In the sum of two racing days and 4 races, the best of Russians is still Danila Ivanov – now he is in 18th place (15 points) among juniors (athletes born in 2004-2008). Kirill Shunenkov is on the 25th position – 18 points.

In the first hundred also are: 68. Artem Maksimkin … 82. Fedor Krivobokov.

The leader among juniors was Richard Schultes (Malta) – 3 points. It is the same for Italian Marco Gradoni.

The cadets (athletes of 2009 and 2010 years of birth) have the same leader after four races – Brazilian Eric Sheydt (3 points). As for ours, Yaroslav Snimshchikov occupies the 41st place, Ilya Petukhov – the 83rd.

Detailed results –

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