The best family cruisers 2019

itBoat published a series of articles about nominees of the award “European boat of the year”

In the first part we tell about the most interesting cruise sailing yachts coming year. Who from this short-list will be the winner of the award European Yacht of the Year, will be known in 2019-Ohm: the award ceremony will take place at the exhibition Boot Dusseldorf.

Coast 250

This motorsailer from Swallow Yachts you can put the engine capacity of 70 HP and drive at a speed of 15 knots. It looks wonderful. Even weirder looks the location of the outboard motor on the transom you will not find it. The motor is offset to the midsection, where usually put a stationary engine. To access the motor the floor has an oddly-shaped hatch.

With the top engine and the maximum speed of 250 Coast “eats” 20 liters of fuel per hour and can go 56 miles on a single tank. For 6 nodes the range of its speed increases to 90 miles. 7.57-meter package fit four full-size berths, a compact galley and separate head. The boat can be transported on a trailer.

Dufour 390

Krugljaka, with a wide and flat deck, painted Fulci Umberto (Umberto Felci), 12-foot Dufour 390 walks well full courses. Expanded the deck, however, is not for speed performance, but for interior spaces. The result is three different layout options, with two or three cabins, with two or three toilets. The “rich” version — three cabins, each with its own bathroom, — implies docked galley.

The transom folds and turns into a bathing platform. Inside the hidden storage space on top under the cushions — wetbar with grill, in short, a full outdoor Seating area.

Hallberg-Rassy 340

HR 340 has replaced the 342-th model. Design boats developed by the eminent German Person. For greater stability, and that the boat is better kept course, he increased the length of the waterline and rounded shape of the bow of the underwater hull. The yacht also received the now popular vertical stem. The cockpit, as all Hallberg-Rassy, well protected from all sides. For the first time the Swedes in addition to the standard tiller two steering wheels are offered.

Below deck a lot of space. The master Suite has its own separate bathroom, useful area of the cabin is increased due to the fact that the mast is located in the main bulkhead.

Mojito 10.88

The 11-meter Mojito 10.88, the eldest, a successful model 8.88. Both boats are designed by Pierre Roland (Pierre Rolland). Have a Mojito 10.88 interesting design of the garage for the tender located in a niche between the deck and the housing which remains open to the aft, when the tender inside.

This design became possible due to the lateral offset of the rudder blades that give a boat stability. The boat comes with hydraulic keel, the length of which can be reduced from 2.8 metres to 1.1 metres. The layout of the lower deck provides two or three cabins. In dujiatai version of one of the aft cabins converted into technical room.

Oceanis 46.1

This cruiser from Beneteau features a unique radany body, which not only improves the handling characteristics of the boat, but also allows you to use the entire width of the boat.

The mast is longer than 1 meter than in the previous version of this model, and respectively 28% increased sail area. The boat is easy to manage. All files are output on one winch, located on each of the two control stations.

The cockpit fits a dining table for eight.

Elegant interiors decorated with whitened oak or mahogany created by Nauta Design. Four version of the plan involves placing three to five cabins.

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