The America’s Cup: spy passions

Today, the current holders of the America’s Cup team Emirates Team New Zealand – published a sensational communiqué, however, too much unsaid.

The essence of the communiqué is as follows: among the members of the team Emirates Team New Zealand, as well as the company’s ACE (America’s Cup Event Ltd), which organizes regular draw America’s Cup, was discovered spy network!

This group of informants gave the classified information, the communique is not reported. That it was for information – not specified. How many informants also can only guess. Thus, the communique emphasizes that the spies were trying to get some “sensitive information” concerning “financial and structural issues” that could compromise the team Emirates Team New Zealand company ACE.

Customers, as the communiqué suggests, were in Europe. But instead of the actual data they eventually received a fake (apparently, specially fabricated by the new Zealanders).

The whole spy network revealed and dismissed from Emirates Team New Zealand and ACE. However, the case is not closed. The Ministry of business, innovation and employment New Zealand intends to move forward with an official investigation, not to leave white spots.

We must confess, too, want it. And yet little understood.

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