The Americans give!

Less than five months before the start of the first World beach games American San Diego refused their conduct. Program these Games include 15 sports, including, we emphasize, a competition for kiteboarding.

The initiator of the World beach games was the Association of national Olympic committees (ANOC). In 2015 the competition was held cities, and San Diego won then other applicants, among whom were Sarasota (USA), Dubai (UAE), our Sochi, a city of China.

And now, when before the start of the competition (they had to go from 10 to 15 October) only a few months, the American organizers decided to abandon all their obligations. Explaining that to them, they say, and failed to find a General sponsor, which would put $ 20 million to support the Games. Agree, the situation in the highest degree scandalous.

As reported the Agency “R-Sport”, to participate in the first ever World beach games qualified athletes from more than 70 countries. It was planned that in the competition in total will be attended by about 1.3 thousand athletes.

And now because of the decision of the organizing Committee of San Diego to host the Games was questionable. The Association of national Olympic committees, however, hoped to find a way out. It seems to have started talks with representatives of several Asian cities that have shown interest and are ready to host the first world beach games in the same time.

Only here until October – just a few months. Is it possible in this short time to organize something decent?

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