The 12-metre “Hawk” Sunseeker “flies” over the water at a speed of 62 node

British Sunseeker is back to basics, remembering his racing past. Builder unexpectedly introduced the high-performance day boat 38 Hawk (“hawk” in Russian).

The nose of the “Hawk” always hang over the water. Speeding, Spybot flies at speeds up to 62 knots. Surprised his potential is not necessary, because he developed in collaboration with the Studio FB Design, and the Fabio Buzzi (Buzzi Fabio) — her boss — the owner of 43 speed records and 55 world championship titles. By the way, long ago, Sunseeker has worked with Italian and over XS2000 XS Sport.

Brand new case with “nepodrajaemoi” nose piece, made of foam with a patented FB Design technology not only makes the boat unsinkable, but also helps to minimize noise and vibration impact.

To reduce rolling and increase the level of comfort and safety, the standard set cylinders Hypalon 866 STAB®.

Onesas dual outboard motors Mercury R400, working together with transmission Mercury Racing Zero Effort Digital, Hawk 38 is capable of speeds of 62 site.

The customer has the right to your taste to choose the color options and interior finishes.

Sunseeker says: “Never be two identical Hawk 38”.

Front area for sunbathing, which optionally can be equipped with a canopy, U-shaped sofa and a table of unpainted carbon fiber, if necessary, fold in a few seconds. On the stern is a comfortable bench for three, in the depths of which are hidden two mini-refrigerator. Right under the wheelhouse is a bathroom with vanity and stainless steel sink.

The post control with four chairs-“buckets” — as a true sports car — is protected and impressive dimensions of the windshield, blending smoothly into the carbon hard top. Small side screens serve as an aerodynamic element, deflecting the oncoming air flow when moving at extreme speeds.

Before the eyes of the captain is 16-inch multi-function touchscreen display Evo 3. The navigation system is Simrad, GPS and Wi-Fi by default.

Innovations on Board the Hawk 38 literally everywhere — there is a system for Autonomous power CZone, and smart led lighting Lumishore controlled through the touchscreen provided PE application Lumi-Link, and more.

Throughout the boat there are several hidden vaults. For example, in the bow there is a space, which is enough for a pair of underwater scooters.

“To truly understand the market and, consequently, true consumer preferences, we conducted a detailed study. Now is the perfect time for a high-performance day boat, designed and built in accordance with the strictest standards. 38 Hawk has no analogues”, — said the General Director of Sunseeker Christian Marty (Christian Marti).

The timing of exit 38 Hawk as the price is not reported.

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