Test drive a Beneteau Oceanis 41

Sailing yacht Beneteau Oceanis 41 is available in three variants-plan interior, one of which suggests the presence of three cabins and two separate WC. The yacht also comes in versions with as deep, and with a short keel. Like many sailing yachts Beneteau, two steering wheels are standard and note in the picture below for a high arch to the blocks in the boom-sheet, which keeps the boom at a height of more than 2.13 m from the surface of the deck of the cockpit. The yacht is equipped with diesel engine 40 HP, as an option you can set the exclusive system, Dock&Go from Beneteau.


Total length:
12.43 m.

Hull length:
11.97 m.

4.20 m.

Draught (deep keel):
2.18 M.

Sediment (short keel):
1.70 m.

The weight of the ballast keel cropped:
2 507 kg

The weight of the ballast deep keel:
2 300 kg

Surface dimensions (max):
18.85 m.

Dry weight:
8 777 kg

Fuel capacity:
200 l

Supply of water:
570 l

Mainsail (classic):
41.73 m2

Genoa (105 %):
42.1 m2

Asymmetrical Spinnaker:
130.11 m2

diesel Yanmar 40 HP

The Mission Of The Beneteau Oceanis 41

From bow to stern yacht Beneteau Oceanis 41 has been carefully designed to suit the tastes of a wide audience of boaters. And like most sailing yachts of Beneteau, this boat was designed to work with sails you could just. Offering a internal layout of the premises with three cabins and two WC, this model should attract many families, couples and single travelers and even for entrepreneurs who want to take the ship in hiring.

The review of the model Beneteau Oceanis 41

On deck maximum width Oceanis 41 actually extends from midship to the stern. This design allows the yacht to have a large cockpit and two spacious cabins aft, engine compartment and head.


The boat mast is almost in the middle of the median plane of the ship. We can note several advantages of this equipment:

1) It facilitates the balancing of sailing arms, the size of the grotto 41.7 sq. m., and the 104% Genoa size 42.1 sq. m., i.e. approximately equal to the sail area.
2) Slide the mast back, the designers also changed the center of the sail from the bow aft, which greatly facilitates the management of the yacht.
3) moved the center of pressure (where the ship has a greater width) the stability of shape can play a more important role in reducing the roll angle of the boat.

The shape of the underbody and keel options

The shape of the bottom Oceanis 41 facilitates a more easy go and it attaches to the bottom of the vessel greater stability. The choice of a deep keel (2.18 m) allows the ship to maneuver better, and the contours of the underwater part of the bottoms allow you to have great speed.
A shortened keel (2 507 kg) for shallow water, has a size of 1.7 m and, of course, heavier than the deep keel (2 300 kg). (Both keel made of cast iron.)

Elegant cockpit

This 41-foot yacht with a cockpit size that will not meet on each 60-foot boat. It is not only a Central place to control the yacht with all its equipment, but also a place for entertainment and organizations doing water sports with a folding platform. The maximum width of 4.2 m. the vessel at the stern, not amidships. As a result, the width of the cockpit approximately 3.35 m in the front and 3.04 m in the back. Quite a large area for dancing, if not to take into account the presence of two-wheel, binnacle, jars and table set in this part of the ship!

Standard swimming platform

On the transom is a long Bank with teak wood where you will be able to accommodate a large family, so everyone will be able to enjoy the process of ship management. Standing on the anchor, it’s time to swim – by clicking on transom of the Bank is decomposed, forming an artificial “beach” size 9’4″ x 2’6″. Toys for water and even scuba can be stored in the locker on the port side (if the layout of the yacht with two cabins), so the captain just needs to choose a suitable place for Parking.

A small folded rubber boat can be kept in the locker, and those who do not want to tow a boat, can put still and the air pump with the electric drive. On the roof of the left side there is a bracket for fixing the engine on a 9.9 HP that will satisfy most boaters.
In the center of the cockpit is a two-level table, which can become quite large and take place over lunch to 6 people. At the table are two identical steering wheel with binnacle, and steering may, in its discretion, to sit on the leeward or windward side.


Yacht Oceanis 41 is designed for easy sail handling. The jib on the spin and sheets routinely to the units that allows the helmsman to manage them with winches on coaming in cockpit. If you install an electric winch (option), the staysail will be reduced to pressing buttons. All halyards and other running rigging, except topenant pass through “organizers” under the deck and go to the stoppers on the coach roof. To control the management of the vessel there is also an auxiliary winch.

Version #1 – 2 cabins, 1 head

Creating three versions of the interior layout, the company makes yacht Beneteau Oceanis 41 appealing to the largest possible audience coverage.
Plan #1 could be called traditional. Here, the sink on the port side slightly raised with a locker for storage of gear that most owners may not be useful. This space can be used, for example, storage for water toys and equipment for swimming under water. The height of the aft cabins starboard 1.89 m berth length 2.00 m, 1.60 m at the head and 1.28 m in the legs. The cabin has a private entrance into a latrine with a shower cabin, which, however, located on the lower side. According to tradition, this cabin is considered cabin of the ship owner.

The table to the right can serve as a navigation table (pay attention to lighting and VHF radio on the right) or a cozy place to enjoy a Cup of coffee. Dining area to the left can accommodate six people with additional seats.

The galley, dining area and a sofa are the same for all three plan options.

Wooden furniture and partitions – Alpi Mahogany. In the cabin, on the nose there is a bed with dimensions of 2 m in length, 1.88 m in width at the head, and 0.51 m in the legs.

Version #2 – 3 cabins, 1 head

This cabin bed is slightly narrower: 2 m long, 1.43 m wide at the head and 1.10 m in feet. In the rest of this yacht is identical to layout #1.
And what was with the locker for sails? In this version of the plan it is not, after all, on such a yacht, to be honest, it is unlikely to be useful. The jib is folded when cleaning and mainsail is stored in a lazy bag on boom. If someone wants to have on Board an asymmetric Spinnaker, it can be folded for storage under one of the beds.


Version #3 – 3 cabins, 2 WC

This layout has its advantages, because a yacht can become a temporary shelter for two couples do not disturb each other during the trip. For large families this option can also be like.

Driving performance and control

Test day was fraught with some difficulties, because the wind was very light and fickle, from the point of view of speed and direction. In this area also has several currents, and the speed that we recorded was relative to the seabed, not the surface of the water. But, testing of the yacht, we must do everything possible in those circumstances, what would not have to do with favorable circumstances.
Result. It was the first time I went on the boat in the sea alone (not taking into account operator), and the shape of the sail I liked the most, because it required minimal adjustments. If you could still count on a few hours and skillful helper to configure sails, then things would have been even better.
Against the wind. During the trip I periodically recorded the readings. For example, once when a real wind speed of 12.7 knots and a wind angle of 35 degrees, we walked at a speed of 6.4 host. The boat has shown steady progress under these conditions.
Most of the day the wind was blowing at a speed of 6-8 knots. So, in a real wind speed of 6.4 node and an angle of 34 degrees wind speed was 4.8 knots, which seemed not too bad for such variable weather.
Achievement. With a fair wind, which more or less resembled galfvind, with real wind speed of 11.5 knots and a wind angle of 76 degrees, the boat speed is 6.5 knots. Next, we were already at the angle of the wind in 102 degrees the same speed and gradually slowed down to 5.4 knots.
Taking all this into consideration, I can conclude that the yacht is most suitable the actual wind speed in the range of 12-18 knots.

Reflections on the cockpit

The cockpit in pitching. The cockpit is characterized by a large space, but to control the sails always very easy to reach, even if you sail the boat alone. Moving between the winches at the right and the left can be called a very smooth process because the cockpit is open and there is nothing preventing free movement. The large cockpit can sometimes seem too wide and unsafe, if the water pitching, but I do not feel it on the boat.
Due to the fact that sections of the deck behind the cockpit coamings are wide, the seat backs are at a comfortable angle, the table a robust and sturdy binnacle helm, in the cockpit there is what to take or what to rely. In addition, this boat is optimized for listing not more than 15 degrees. But if this happens, then sails too much.
The layout of the cockpit. The layout of the deck is very good – all running rigging is open, not too twisted or hidden from sight. All this minimizes friction and facilitates correct operation and maintenance of the vessel. E-display a map in the center of the cockpit is not easy to consider if you’re at the helm. The only solution that seems possible is to install it on a rotating basis, or just to get a remote reading devices at each wheel.
Recognition. I like the design, spacious cockpit and open transom/bathing platform, and I would love to rent such a yacht somewhere in the Caribbean or the Bahamas. I still really like the gentle steps of the gangway. This flatness will ease the way for the ladder to the moment when the ship tilted. And this is a very important detail for elderly sailors.

Surveillance expert

We believe that a yacht Oceanis 41 is able to offer comfortable conditions for travel all those who want to choose how to organize your cruise, while reducing operating costs and having the pleasure of such a journey. Model Oceanis 41 could be the perfect boat for family holidays, because it meets the needs of its owner at a reasonable price.

As once said Malcolm Forbes, life is not a dress rehearsal.

Beneteau Oceanis 41 (2013) Results of tests
– Maximum speed Beneteau Oceanis 41 (2013) – 7.4 node.

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