Tender today, tomorrow the Weekender: a 12-meter universal from Nimbus

Swedish shipyard Nimbus introduced the first model of the new 11 series. The world premiere of Nimbus T11 was held at the yacht exhibition in düsseldorf.

Thanks to the sophistication of planning and a large variety of options, Nimbus T11 can play many different roles: as a Weekender for a small family day boat for a large company, boats for water sports and tender.

Tender 11 — the first of three models of the new 11 series. The series title is a little confusing: it seems that we are talking about 11-meter boats, although in fact their length is 12.5 meters. In addition to T11 c superstructure, with hardtop, Swedish shipyard intends to issue Commuter compartment 11 and the open Weekender 11. C11 premiere will be held in the fall of 2019, and W11 will show in 2020. All boats of a new series built on the grounds of subcontractor’s Nimbus in Poland.

Nimbus T11 is a walkaround type boat, capable of taking aboard up to 12 guests without lodging, and all 12 people will be able to accommodate face to the nose and get pleasure from fast driving.

Cockpit Seating — pride Nimbus T11: they move, turn and unfold, modifying this key social area, depending on the size of the company and its needs. In this rotary mechanism is one of the best we’ve seen: after unlocking by pressing the button at the base of the sofa a little more effort to the sofa stood up, as required.

The cockpit is separated from the wheelhouse kitchen drawers for storage of Cutlery and utensils, a sink with hot water and a niche under a gas stove or grill.

Roomy aft storeroom of 2500 litres with lid on hydraulics allows you to store all that I would like to take a walk, SUP boards, wakeboards, seabob-s or a small inflatable boat.

On the nose — big sunpad and devcic.

“The boat is not overloaded with furniture, so freedom of movement is clearly felt everywhere on Board,” notes Joachim Gustavsson (Joacim Gustavsson), chief designer at Nimbus.

Night at the T11 will be able to four: two in the forward cabin and two in the small cabin amidships. Latrine and shower on the boat separate.

Available in a choice of a wide range of engines from 300 to 430 HP inboard and outboard, petrol and diesel. With three outboard motors of 400 horsepower T11 accelerates to 40 knots. Optionally, you can install a system of gyroscopic stabilization, a joystick and solar panels on the roof.

Prices on Nimbus T11 start from 235 thousand euros (not including tax).

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