Team New Zealand will carry out tests reduced the water AC75

British INEOS, American Magic and the Italian Luna Rossa during the entire test their prototypes AC75 reduced in preparation for participation in the 36th America’s Cup in Auckland (New Zealand) in 2021. The only team that is still not the beginning of the test remain the hosts of the event, Emirates Team New Zealand. It seemed that new Zealanders are lagging behind their rivals in preparation for the competition. But in fact, they decided to outsmart them all.

Looking for colleagues that its developments have proven that the concept is viable and AC75 boat with an unusual design of foil will work, Team New Zealand has delved into computer modeling.

“We have focused our efforts on the simulation. We firmly believe in the ability of our computer developers, in that they are able to create a boat, working here. We are very interested in what is happening in the US and the UK, and closely follow the commands of these countries. At the same time we will benefit from its approach. Likely, other teams will not be able to see what we do behind closed doors in the simulation mode,” explained project designer Dan Bernasconi (Bernasconi Dan).

Team New Zealand agreed to cooperate with Spark. This will allow the team to use in the modeling of 5G network before technology in July 2020 will be available to the public. With the help of the network team will be able to obtain data on boat speed, load and pressure in real time and then redirect them to the designers. Thus, necessary changes, the project developers will know before the team finished the test. In the case of their rivals, for this approach to technical professionals need to go to the test together with the yachtsmen.

“We are working with Spark on developing the test program, which will make the “coast” test in lab 5G in Oakland. Let’s see if we can conduct tests on the water until July 2020,” says Bernasconi.

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