Pit stop at the "eight"

Yesterday       Pit stop at the "eight"       American traveler Randall Reeves, who on the 45-foot aluminum sloop Moli planned to describe the G8 alone around Antarctica and both Americas, decided to make a pit stop in Canadian Halifax – 237 days later and 31000 nautical miles after the start. We have already written about Odyssey Reeves. But it was a few months ago. It is worth something to repeat. His American project called Figure 8 Voyage. That is, the “voyage is Read more

Half of the "eight" passed

March 24, 2019       Half of the "eight" passed       Three days ago, the American Randall Reeves passed Cape Horn for the second time in one trip. How did he do this? Everything is very simple – but in fact it is very difficult. Reeves decided to describe the "eight" around Antarctica and the Americas. He called his project the same – Figure 8 Voyage. The route is about 38,000 nautical miles. Monstrously a lot. But this is certainly not surprising, since Read more

Another "eight"

March 27, 2019       Another "eight"       Yesterday in the French Les Sables d’Olon – which is called the world capital of round-the-world sailing races – they launched the Ant Arctic Lab's yacht class Open60. On this amazing yacht (length 18.28 m, width 5.82 m), the famous Austrian yachtsman, 57-year-old Norbert Sedlacek, intends this summer to go on a single non-stop journey of 34,000 nautical miles in length. He plans to depart from Les Sables d’Olon on July 21 (on the website Read more