MMA fighter Conor McGregor bought a boat for 3.5 million euros

Last weekend the Irish mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor (Conor McGregor) in his Instagram released a video in which leafing through the booklet a brand new 22,58-metre planing yachts with a flybridge Prestige 750 built specifically for him. According Prestige Yachts, brokers the brand Prestige, the cost of the boat (including options) amounted to €3.5 million The 750 was first introduced to the public in 2013. The boat can speed up to 28 knots. Her cruising speed is 24 Read more

The incident Alraigo, or As the fighter jet made an emergency landing on cargo ship

This is a real story that happened in June 1983. Spanish container ship Alraigo was in the open sea along the coast of Portugalii in the direction of Tenerife. A few miles away was the British carrier HMS Illustrious to participate in joint NATO exercises. With his side soared ZA176 Sea Harrier fighter plane with vertical take-off and landing, manned 25-year-old second Lieutenant Ian Watson (Ian Watson). His task was to enter a couple of with another fighter Sea Harrier, Read more