Cancel again

May 21, 2020       Cancel again       It would seem that all the regattas of this season because of the coronavirus had to be canceled long ago. But the impressions are misleading. Canceled so far. Let's start with the popular TP52 class. The fact is that last Tuesday the 52 Series Super Series boats finally arrived aboard the BBC Dolphin cargo ship from Cape Town to Valencia. But while Dolphin was heading towards Europe, two important decisions were made. Firstly, the leadership Read more

Again cancel

It would seem that all of the regatta of the season for the fashion industry long ago had to be cancelled. But the impression is deceptive. Cancel still. Let’s start with the popular class ТР52. The fact that last Tuesday, boat racing series 52 Super Series finally arrived on Board the cargo ship BBC Dolphin from Cape town to Valencia. But while the “Dolphin” went to Europe, was made two important decisions. First, the user of series has decided to Read more