VIS: strength and beauty

One division of the Fincantieri Group produces luxury yachts, and the other ships for the Italian Navy. The design of the yacht VIS (Latin for “strength”) shown at the Monaco Yacht Show brings their experience together. In the presentation video, views of a real battleship are superimposed on the yacht’s renders. It turns out that they almost coincide, except that there is a lounge area with sofas on the nose in place of the gun. What do we see in Read more

beauty is always right – Motor Boat & Yachting Russia

This phrase is the official slogan of the Italian shipyard Cranchi, and it does not deceive: a real dolce vita looks like this. There are not many yacht shipyards in the world with a history as long as that of the Italian Cranchi: in 2020 it turns 150 years old. But it’s not just history. In any marina in Europe or America, you will surely find five or seven Cranchi yachts: yachtsmen from different countries appreciate this brand not only Read more

The beauty and pride of a sailor

Yesterday       The beauty and pride of a sailor Today let's talk about the beard. We’ll talk not just like that, but within the framework of our project – over the past few days we recall the materials that were published on the pages of 127 issues of Yacht Russia magazine. And now it’s the beard’s turn. Which has always been considered the beauty and pride of a true sailor. Isn’t that so? In general, read – 163 Yesterday # Read more

The beauty and pride of a sailor

Today let’s talk about the beard. Talk not just so, and within the framework of our project in recent days, we remember the materials of which were published on pages 127-mi rooms magazine Yacht Russia. And now – turn the beards. Have always believed that the beauty and pride of a true seaman. Is it not so? In General, read –

Beauty? Monster?

September 5, 2019       Beauty? Monster?       The official presentation of the AC75 yacht, built by Team New Zealand to prepare for the 36th draw of the America’s Cup, will be held in Auckland tomorrow, but the team has already distributed the first photos with the caption: “Spies are coming hot days!” It’s clear that it’s too early to draw conclusions from these images, you need to see how the vessel will behave during the tests, but, of course, huge foyles are Read more

Beauty year round

Unique novelty Pride Beauty & Spa, unparalleled in modern cosmetology — mikroneedle RF ZD-lifting Infini. Your individual nozzle of the 49 gold microneedles produces energy that is not dissipated over the entire surface of the skin and acts only on a certain predetermined level of subcutaneous fat, down to the level of 5МА5. Leather spot stimulated by the tip of the needle, in the place of impact starts the process of formation of new collagen. As a result, the skin Read more

Canoeing Monocoque: when technology serve the beauty

Canoeing Monocoque — BorromeodeSilva   Designers BorromeodeSilva from Milan, with the soul reacted to the development of this canoe to create a truly unique object. They were driven by the idea that a luxury brand can exist by itself that it exists not only for solving problems, and justifies its existence in the visual range. In the development of Canoeing, the Italians wanted to demonstrate their ability to combine traditional craftsmanship and high-tech processes and materials.