Support Gubernieva!

March 30, 2019

      Support Gubernieva!
      Russian commentator Dmitry Guberniev proposed punishing athletes who refuse to communicate with journalists, reports, citing Kalashnikov Media.

Support Gubernieva!

The commentator believes that such behavior of athletes is disrespect towards the audience.

“Who does not communicate with the press – to fine. I do not need athletes to communicate with me. People need this, ”Guberniev stressed.

Prior to this, the commentator criticized the three-time European champion Alexander Loginov for ignoring a meeting with media representatives.

P.S. We at Yacht Russia fully support Guberniev’s initiative. Hopefully, the opinion of the well-known TV commentator will be listened to both in the Ministry of Sports and ROC, and in sports federations.

If Guberniev’s proposal is accepted, then, in our opinion, it must definitely be extended to sailing. Recently, among yachtsmen and their coaches, alas, it has become fashionable to play with journalists in silence. What is unacceptable.

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