Superyacht Nouveau style of art Nouveau by Andy Waugh

Nouveau is one of those concepts about which they say: “They are pushing the boundaries of yacht aesthetics to emergency units”. Designer Andy Waugh (Andy Waugh Yacht Design) who created it drew his inspiration from the masters of art Nouveau, the Czech artist Alphonse Mucha and the Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi. Hence the harmony, dynamism and delicate natural forms that are so characteristic of the “flower” decorative and ornamental style, and which are so rarely found in shipbuilding.

Dramatic intersecting wavy lines and glass “lake” on the midsection hiding spacious rooms on two decks – the main and upper reserved exclusively for the owner, with an impressive ceiling height of 2.7 meters. Continuous glazing adds lightness to the spaces, gives an atmosphere of unity with the surrounding world. The owner’s Suite have access to elegant balconies, located on both sides.

Moving floral motifs we see on the terraces, which, starting from and ending flybridge aft deck on the main deck, linked by a spiral stairs and an aqueduct, which from a Jacuzzi at the highest point to the pool in the lowest running water. In this very extraordinary way Andy Waugh offers passengers that modern high-tech vessel to feel the connection with nature.

On the main deck, the designer placed two guest cabins VIP level with folding balconies, dining and living room, a beach club and infinity pool. Behind the wheelhouse is located an office for the owner of the saloon for the crew and an outdoor terrace with a dining area. The lower deck is the living area for passengers and crew.

Andy Waugh warns that the project does not claim to practicality. In his words, the super-yacht Nouveau is aimed at the modern man with a relatively small personal environment for which the preferred style and taste, and not size and efficient use of space.


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