SunFast 3300 – the future of the Olympic class?

Catching the increasing demand for sailing yachts suitable for successful performance in the regatta at any level, the Jeanneau company at the exhibition in Paris presented a new model SunFast 3300.

Moreover, Jeanneau wants to make the Olympic boat class to conduct an offshore race at the Olympic games in 2024 in Paris.

For such responsible work, was hired two designers. Daniel Andrieu was engaged in the optimization of a yacht under IRC measurement rules (target – 1,015 TCC), while Guillaume Verdier was engaged in the development of lines and bringing them by using CFD to perfection. As a result, the new boat has a very original forms in the nose, and especially in the stern.

Price SunFast 3300 promises to be attractive enough French yet promise its between 120 and 130 thousand euros with VAT (though without sails).

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