Stiletto – piercing luxury mega yacht from Ken Freivokh Design and Oceanco

Mega-yacht Stiletto, designed by designer Ken Pravaham (Ken Freivokh), is a set of a number of innovative ideas that are a departure from the traditional approach in the construction of vessels of this class. Instead of the classic interior, you will see on Board a huge split level lounge with mezzanine, fountains and an artificial river, and instead of the usual walls in all public places will clean the glass.

To get away from standards – this was the idea of the owner of Oceanco, Mohammed al Barwani (Mohammed Al Barwani), when he ordered the project Stiletto. The shipyard had recently designed the architectural platform, which was necessary for the extraordinary, sophisticated design.

The choice of Ken Pravaha as a contractor for this project was not accidental: he was too visible after the cooperation with the shipbuilding giant Fincantieri, taking part in the development of the superyacht Ghost, Dream and Fortissimo. However, his fame designer is still obliged the 89-metre clipper Maltese Falcon (Maltese Falcon), built in 2006 by the shipyard Perini Navi. Exactly Ken Freivokh developed its magnificent interior.

For Oceanco designer had to create something that transcends his past work. At his disposal was transferred paripalana architectural platform maximum length (LOA) of 107 meters, and Freivokh ordered it great.

Aft Stiletto is a swimming pool, rolling in the beach club. Elegant glass staircase will lead to the bar and luxurious dining room, with magnificent sea views. Another, larger pool is in front of the upper deck. He, like located here lounge area with loungers and bar, sheltered from the wind and covered with hardtop (part located above the deck), able to open up like shutters.

Swimming pool combined with waterfall on both sides from which there are stairs leading to the helipad. At that time, as the helicopter is in the hangar, the landing zone can be used as another place for entertainment.

The atrium of mega-yachts reminiscent of the one that was implemented on Board the “Maltese Falcon”: in the center of the vessel is a round shaft that passes through each deck with a graceful spiral staircases and a lift. However, unlike the sailing ship, the atrium aboard the Stiletto is almost entirely made of glass elements, ends with a glass roof, and on the three levels opens on to terraces or balconies – no matter whether you make use of a lift or stairs to move between decks will be a separate pleasure.

At almost every level of the ship, where possible, in terms of architecture and security, Ken Freivokh offers the use of shockproof glass walls. In other cases, to replace the seascape and give the interior an airy feel and atmosphere of predominantly light tones, lots of different Windows, TV panels and built-in aquariums.

On Board the Stiletto provides accommodation from 16 to 18 guests in 8 cabins. Their services, apart from the above places, provided a massage parlor, Spa, gym and cinema. Watersports in the garage of mega-yachts stored boats-tenders, jet skis and sports equipment. Maintenance of the vessel performed by a team of 30 people.

Innovation is the propulsion system of mega-yachts – hybrid, diesel-electric – in the spirit of modern trends: two diesel engines MTU 16v2000 M72 power of 1440 kW each, combined with electric motors at 500kW.


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