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Pride Wellness Club updated the fleet of cardio equipment: the club members waiting for the ultramodern range from Life Fitness, the # 1 brand among manufacturers of fitness equipment. To cover the distance of the London marathon with the exact UPS and downs of the route, view virtual tour in Full HD quality while Jogging or repeat your favorite route now in Moscow Zhukovka.

A series of cardiovascular equipment from Life Fitness Elevation Discover SE3 console HD latest equipment in the fitness industry that exists today.

For initialization, you need to enroll in the program one time, subsequent connections to the equipment are one-touch console Bluetooth for smartphones based on iOS, via the NFC module for the Android platform. To start training under the control of an intelligent system is easier than starting the car engine.

The LFconnect app allows you to set goals, collects statistics classes, sending data about sensor Myzone training and other fitness trackers. Through it, you can download prepared workouts or create your own with the coach.

Integrated into the console app RunSocial opens up access to new routes, provides the opportunity to train in parallel with friends and participate in virtual competitions in real time with users from around the world.

GPS-workout allows you to go the route of a favorite walk, jog or bike ride. “Record” a route to the LFconnect app during outdoor exercise, and the system will exactly reproduce it by changing the bias of the fabric of the treadmill or the load on pedals of a training apparatus Life Fitness.

Media console Discover SE3 HD 21-inch in terms of functionality is not inferior to modern tablets: Internet access, digital TV, fast Internet access services, Netflex, Megogo, Ivi — continue to watch a movie or show from the moment where they stopped at home, or on the road, plugging the headset and parallel charging your gadget through USB.

The range of equipment Life Fitness Elevation Discover console SE3 HD, presented in Pride Wellness Club:

– Treadmills

– Trainer of climbing steps Powermill

– Elliptical cross trainer 95X

– Cross trainer with a free trajectory step Flexstrider

– Upright bike LifeCycle

– Horizontal LifeCycle exercise bike

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