Stefania Elfutina: “RS: X has outlived itself”


      Stefania Elfutina: “RS: X has outlived itself”
      The long-time leader of the Russian windsurfing team commented on the WFSF press service recommending the World Sailing commission (we wrote about this yesterday) to change the Olympic class of the sailing board: instead of RS: X, select Starboard iFoil:

Stefania Elfutina: “RS: X has outlived itself”

“I am for changes and updates, because RS: X, of course, has already outlived itself. A lot of negativity in relation to equipment and manufacturers. But if the class is replaced, then with something more worthwhile so that there are no "jambs" there. Because moving away from one problem to another does not make much sense.

In fact, everyone has been walking on hydrofoil boards for quite some time. They are much faster than usual. But, for example, in RS: X we can carry out races in a low wind in a non-planing mode. And a file under these conditions is simply worth it. But already at 3.5 m / s (7 knots – approx. Ed.), He “flies”.

The catch is that RS: X starts gliding with a stronger wind, but you can race on it in a weaker wind, since the board has a daggerboard. Therefore, on RS: X already in four knots they can give a race: it will be slow, we will “wave”, suffer, but the race will take place. And quite a lot of competitions take place in such conditions. On the foyle, in light winds you won’t go. You need a minimum of seven nodes. Will the organizers be able to hold competitions regularly and without any glitches? If yes, then great! Because personally I am for change. And if everything goes well, then God grant that there is a foil. ”

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