Starts Mini-Fastnet!

June 16, 2019

      Starts Mini-Fastnet!
      Here is what a few minutes ago, Irina Gracheva wrote on her Facebook page:

Starts Mini-Fastnet!

La 34ème édition du Mini-Fastnet race starts right now!

The race will begin with a brisk gulfwind, with a backstay of 20-25 knots, we will cross the English Channel, and with a complete windfall we will reach the Fastnet lighthouse on June 18th.

Further we are waiting for throwing in search of the wind, and on June 19-20 we will get a steady reverse richer calling at backstand and fordac.

Intensive start with the promotion right on the general, an interesting strategy in the middle, and a pleasant conclusion with moderate winds.

For Russia in the race are two teams:
– in the serial fleet, the Irina Gracheva Racing Mini-Transat 2019 team, board No. 579, project MANUARD Tip-Top. Irina Gracheva and Konstantin Grenada-team
– in the proto-fleet team Fedor Druzhinin Mini-Transat 2019, board number 759, project MANUARD. Fedor Druzhinin (Fedor Druzhinin) and Alexander Rachevsky (Alex Racheuski)

About the race:
– Organizer: Winches Club
– Race Director: Denis HUGUES
– Website:
– Maximum number of participants: 84
– Date and time of launch: 16/06/2019 – 09h30
– Class category: B
– International category: 2
– Number of crew members: two
– Distance: 600 miles
– Rating factor: 2
– Results Announcement: 06/25/2019

Cheer for us, follow our progress!

Follow the race:

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