Starts 44Cup

Season 2019, quickly gaining speed. Tomorrow, another popular class of ships will fight in the Bay of Kotor (which, recall, Montenegro) will be the first sailing race of the series, which now briefly is called 44Cup.

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In the RC44 Porto Montenegro Cup 2019, which is the starting point of this series (it is the 13th time), will take part 9 teams, including three under the Russian flag. Here’s the full list:

Aleph Racing (fra) – skipper the South LePic (France), tactician Michele Ivaldi (Italy);

Artemis Racing (Sweden) – skipper, thorbjørn Derquist (Sweden), tactician Andy Horton (USA);

Bronenosec Sailing Team (Rus) – skipper Vladimir Liubomirov/ Kirill Frolov (Russia), tactician Cameron Dunn (New Zealand);

Charisma (Monaco) – skipper Niko Punch (Holland), tactician Morgan Reeser (USA);

Peninsula Petroleum Sailing Team (GBR) – skipper John Bassadone (UK), tactician ed Baird (USA);

Team Aqua (GBR) – skipper Chris Bake (great Britain), tactician Cameron Appleton (New Zealand);

Team CEEREF (Slovenia) – skipper Igor La (Slovenia), tactician Adrian stead (UK);

Team Nika (Russia) – skipper Mr Proshin (Russia), tactician Tom Slingsby (Australia);

Tavatuy Sailing Team (Russia) – skipper Pavel Kuznetsov (Russia), tactician Eugene Neugodnikov (Russia).

For those who are just starting to be interested in sailing, please specify: RC44 – racing sailing yacht of small displacement with powerful sails. The class was created by the legend of the America’s Cup Russell Cutsom (hence the RC in the title) and Slovenian designer Andrej Justin.

Everything else will tell, so to speak, in the process. But for now, that will put a stop to this, saying according to the tradition that will follow the races and, of course, support our!

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