Start again: Beneteau announced the “first” sailing yacht

Last year was the last for the model range of sailing First French shipyard Beneteau. The company decided that it no longer will expand this line. From 2019 it will relinquish its seat to the new boat, which will link the name… What do you think? First Yacht!

During the September yacht festival in Cannes, we will be able to see the “first of the first” — 17,1-meter Yacht First 53.

According to representatives of Beneteau, this boat will be a perfect reflection of the new concept of “avant-garde in shipbuilding”.

At the widest point from side to side First Yacht 53 will reach five metres. With a displacement of 15.5 tons of sludge boat will be 2.5–3 meters. For the naval architecture and exterior in the project met Roberto Biscontini (Roberto Biscontini), which for 30 years has created boats for the America’s Cup. In Beneteau note that, before the light appeared the final decision for First Yacht designer in search of the perfect location of centre of buoyancy created and tested more than 20 different variants of virtual models.

Sail boats will consist of mainsail and 110% headsail with a total area of 168 sq. m. standard on Board is an engine of 80 HP, but it can be replaced by a more powerful 110 HP With a sail Yacht captain First 53 can take 400 litres of fuel and 700 litres of fresh water.

The interiors of the boats created Lorenzo Argento (Lorenzo Argento). According to Beneteau First 53 Yacht can boast of a good habitability. Despite the fact that part of the space is a garage for the tender, inside there was even a place for full relaxation areas.

“It is abundantly clear that Beneteau seeks to regain the title of the Creator of the prestigious sailing as it once was, when the brand soon earned its reputation. Such a direction for product strategy outlined by the Executive Director of the company , Gianguido, Girotti (Gianguido Girotti),” — said in a press release Beneteau.

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