SPPN: participants tell


      SPPN: participants tell

The first and second stages of the XXIII St. Petersburg Sailing Week (SPPN) and the championship of Russia in the national cruising-racing class of yachts “L-6” were completed. 33 yachts passed along the route St. Petersburg – about. Kotlin, about. Kotlin – Sosnovy Bor.

SPPN: participants tell

Races are held in five test groups, the most numerous of them is the national class of the cruise yacht “L-6” (13 boards). Among the participants of the competition – one team from Finland. The general partner of the regatta is the St. Petersburg Yacht Club.

Preliminary results of the first and second stages:

Credit group "Carter-30"

1. “Horn”, 2. “Pole”, 3. “Veya”

Credit group "L-6"

1. “Nika”, 2. “Lena”, 3. “Onega”

Credit group ORC

1. “Frigate”, 2. “Quartet”, 3. “Axiom”

Score Group Quarterton

1. Fiji, 2. Tuulelau, 3. Corsair

Credit group "Taurus"

1. “Frigate”, 2. “Condor”, 3. “Margot”

And now – details in the stories of the race participants A. Ghana (yacht “Nika”, class “L-6”), and A. Makhanova (yacht “Varyag”, class “L-6”):

08/10/19 1st stage

“Saturday morning pleased us with good weather, but an unstable wind. That is why at the first race of the championship of Russia in the class "L-6" was given a reduced distance, which simplified the task of athletes. The distance ordered the rounding of the northern buoy of the bank of Kamennaya and the finish in the area of ​​the military corner of about. Kotlin.

The entire fleet of the championship (13 yachts + Ussuri) was launched.

From the very beginning, after the start, yachtsmen had to solve a difficult task – the search for a stable wind near the southern or northern coast of the Neva Bay. The task was complicated by the fact that over both the northern and southern shores we had one almost identical cloud, which visually promised all the “sweetest” to the participants.

The fleet was divided almost evenly, and in the end those who gravitated to the north won. The first SB BC went around Argo, then Onega, and the third was a pair of Nika and Amur in fierce competition. The rest of the yachts approached the turn sign a little later.

After rounding the SB SB to the finish, there was not much left, but a real sports battle unfolded on this short stretch of the path. Onega emerged victorious from this fight, a minute later, bypassing Argo, Nika finished, and Argo became the bronze medalist of the first stage of the Chechen Republic L-6.

08/10/19 2nd stage

“After a short stay in the middle harbor of about. Kotlin (Kronstadt) launched the second stage of the Czech Republic “L-6” at a distance of about. Kotlin – Sosnovy Bor (Kalische sign). The very start of the second race was unimaginably picturesque – just imagine the narrow-handed, swift silhouettes of classic yachts against the backdrop of the last rays of the setting Baltic sun, spinning in dance with each other to the music of the evening breeze … This beauty was permeated by the tension of expectation of the start and instantly exploded in bright colors spinnakers on the starting signal of the judges.

Unlike the classic start of sailing races, this start was given “downwind” – this was due to the difficult navigational and navigational situation along with the southeast wind.

The next few hours, all the teams spent in total tension, squeezing the maximum speed out of their wonderful yachts. I must say that all the yachts went very tightly, at a minimum distance from each other, and if you saw this incredibly colorful, unforgettable picture of the play of the wind, multi-colored sails and incredible tension of the crews nerves!

Leaders could change every minute. In parallel with the general course of the entire fleet of the championship, huge sea multi-deck passenger and cargo ships passed, which gave everything that was happening an absolutely enchanting look.

In the middle of the distance, a serious struggle for leadership broke out, the wind did not indulge in constancy, and the yachts carried spinnakers from the fordewind course to the complete badewind.

And again, for each of the participants it was very important to make the right tactical decision on how not to get out of the optimal wind band. The crew of the operating Chechen Republic, the Lena yacht, coped with this task best of all, followed by Amur and Nika for over 10 nautical miles and fought a fierce tactical battle, which ended in the victory of Nika.

The difficulties of the finish of the second race were aggravated by the impenetrable darkness of the August Baltic night, which hid all competitors from each other, including the referee at the finish. Rivals, waves, the increasing south wind and hard-to-guess coastlines, all this gave the race even more drama and sports excitement.

After the finish, literally one after another, the yachts proceeded to the parking lot in the harbor of Sosnovy Bor, where according to the plan, a day of rest was expected before the even more intense, even more complex and long sea stage of the regatta. The next finish is about. Hogland. "

You can track the location of yachts using your wialon account at https://hosting.wialon.com/ Login: Sailing Week, Password: 123456.

Press Service of the XXIII St. Petersburg Sailing Week

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