Sportfisher, and a yacht collided in USA

One person was killed in a collision 100-metre mega yacht Attessa IV and 20-foot sportfisher Prowler. The accident occurred about eight o’clock in the evening of 26 October in the South of California (USA) to 14.5 km from the coast. The causes of the incident are being investigated.

According to eyewitnesses, the starboard Prowler “as if someone cut off”. The ship is not recoverable. At the same time Attessa IV escaped with just a scratch.

At the scene was sent a helicopter, boat and ship rapid response of the U.S. Coast guard. They arrived in less than an hour after the administration of the port of San Diego received a call about the incident.

The collision with the eighteen passengers of the fishing vessel received injuries of varying severity. Air ashore aboard the Prowler were evacuated the heaviest victim. Unfortunately, to save him failed: he died in hospital the next morning. Two other victims with less serious injury and another 15 people were transported ashore in the ship’s operational response. Another 10 passengers returned to San Diego aboard the Attessa IV. The captain of the Prowler left on Board his yacht, accompanied by coast guard boat, waiting for industrial utilization.

Attessa IV was built at Japanese shipyard Hayashikane in 1999. First it belonged to the founder of the Taiwanese Evergreen Group Chang Yung-FA (Chang Jung-fa), but then it was acquired by American industrialist Dennis Washington (Dennis Washington). Since 2007 the ship was seriously rebuilt, including extended. The original overall length of the Attessa IV were 92 meters.

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