Any trip on a yacht on the Baltic sea starts with border control. Everyone who has stopped by the border on the water, I agree: this is somewhat different from land history. There, on land, there is an established scheme, and the sea often turns on a “personal creative” artists. And if on the Baltic sea in search of spies always differed Sweden, in the Gulf, the palm in this matter seems completely belongs to Finland.

The first story happened four years ago. On the Finnish border from St. Petersburg came a motor yacht with a length of 20 meters rare brand Fleming. On Board were two crew members, age is related to military service. All anything, but the yacht was literally studded with different kind of antennas. Only those that were clearly observed, there were 18 pieces! We must pay tribute to the Finnish border guards: they overcame personal curiosity, without further ADO, stamped the passports and went to write a report with a report on the situation up the chain of command.

At this time in Finland as luck would have it took some exercises. And if the army were investigating the case, the exploration that is called “smoked bamboo”. And here such luck: the Russians came to spy-eavesdrop! And as soon as the yacht approached the exercise area, the interception came two border boats, to strengthen them arrived, and the helicopter.

Not expecting such attention, our guys began to quickly count the bottles of alcohol on Board and the number of cigarettes… the Boat was searched, checked the documents, looked at phones and computers and asked the crew to an unexpected question: “But what you military rank?”. Only here the team realized that it is not in the alcohol.
Casket was opened just. Their yacht was taken for a reconnaissance the ship. Frankly, the number of antennas they themselves were not aware. The truth known only to the owner, approximately: screwed all these “rods” is not in the shipyard, and the British on the way to Russia, delivering a yacht. The Finns took half a day to find and count the radio stations and “link” each antenna to any device, and there were many. Marine radio (2 pieces), river radio (2 pieces), aviation radio, Fax reception the weather, shortwave Amateur and Amateur something… in Short, while each device is not “tied” to each antenna, are not left behind.

All anything, but for three years the boys put “the box”, and during this period, at every crossing the Finnish border it was guaranteed to strengthen inspection and questioning.

The second case took place recently. Also when placing the yacht in the post Haarlem the border guards drew attention to the abundance of professional diving equipment on Board. And then all three days in Finland about the guys-sailors “filmed cinema”. Their journey ended in Helsinki. Day, while standing in the center of the Finnish capital, there was a van: he replaced two boats, who take turns “hung on the tail” of the yacht while she was on skerries.

Our guys gave a spies, but at some point were divided: some went to the station, and the boat “rushed” in the sea. Finnish counterintelligence felt that they opened, and decided to complete the operation with the detention of spies. The train sat a group of eight people: the border guards, customs, police; the latter in the car jumped counterintelligence. The same troops landed in the boat…

The whole story can be completed with the phrase “Fiasco, bro!”, but the check box in the boundary computer these guys got one too.

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