Sorry, the record was not held

German Ernst-Michael Miller recently designed a small catamaran on underwater wings iFly 15 and decided to show his child by force to make real offshore exploits.

Moreover, Miller found a kindred spirit. Experienced yachtsman-professional 39-year-old yo Wibal and 21-year-old Tamara Baumann recently tried to install iFly 15 world record crossing of the English channel (140 nautical miles from Cowes in England to Dinard in France) catamaran with a length of less than 20 feet (6.1 meters).

The previous record – 19 hours 42 minutes – was installed a little over a year ago on a Nacra F20. And I must say, Vibel and Baumann were close to success: after three quarters of the distance, they were well ahead of schedule. But…

Alas, the luck turned away from them: the wind was quite sour. But Vibel and Baumann do not give up and intend to repeat the record attempt.

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