Solutions in london


      Solutions in london
      The World Sailing Annual Conference took place in London. It ended with a meeting of the WS Council, which this time was represented in full force – 42 votes. This is what Oleg Ilyin, a member of the WS Council, told the site

Solutions in london

We present the main issues and solutions. All polls were held as secret.

Windsurfing. The question is as follows: leave the RS: X class in the Olympic Games-2024 program, or revise a previously approved Council decision and hold an evaluation competition this summer. Objective: to compare the characteristics of different classes of boards and then to propose to the General Assembly in November to select the class of the sailboard for the Games-2024.

Voting: 19 votes “FOR”, 23 votes “AGAINST” (in other words, for holding evaluation competitions).

Of course, this is not yet the final decision, and the specific class of the Olympic board is not named, but RS: X has lost its position dramatically.

Kite The Council almost unanimously supported the proposals of the Equipment Committee and the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) and unanimously approved IKA Formula Kite as equipment for the Games-2024.

Voting: “FOR” this proposal was voted by 40 members of the Council (1 abstained).

Mixed rank deuce male / female as the number of the Olympic program. In the same way, the Council voted "FOR" class 470 as the number of the Olympic program-2024.

Male / Female Single Boat Duty. This question has caused a lot of controversy and discussion. Reason: categorical recommendation of the Equipment Committee to replace the Laser with a new RS Aero dinghy.

Voting took place in two stages:

1) Support or not the proposal of the Committee. The result: 5 votes "FOR", 36 votes "AGAINST". The offer did not pass.

2) Further, members of the Council were asked to give preference to a particular class. The overwhelming majority of laser defended its position as an Olympic boat for 2024.

As for the recent scandal, next week, here in London, a joint World Sailing management meeting will be held with representatives of ILCA and all the leading manufacturers of Laser yachts.

Deuce keel, mixed discharge. As before, not a single candidate class for Olympic status was named. Only procedural issues were discussed. The Directorate and the Equipment Committee categorically insisted on the following:

– To transfer the approval of the list of yachts / candidate classes from December 31, 2019 a year later, December 31, 2020;

– To name a specific class of a cruising yacht as Olympic for 2024, which quite unexpectedly offered to transfer the approval of the list of classes of candidates for cruising yachts from December 2019 to December 2020. And that's not all – it is proposed to name a specific Olympian class only in December 2023.

Voting: 40 votes were given to the benefit of both proposals of the Directorate.

In addition to Olympic concerns, the Council considered a number of significant issues. The most important of these is the World Sailing strategy for the coming years. It would be easier to say that this is a matter of adjustment. The very bases of the international union of yachtsmen are affected. But this is a difficult question, in two words you will not explain. Therefore, we will return to it later.

Oleg Ilyin, member of the WS Council

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