So met Parona

On Sunday afternoon the distance transatlantic race Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe concluded one of the most famous of its participants. 58-year-old loïc Peyron.

It was met with triumph – just as four years ago, when Peyron won the Route du Rhum, the skipper being equipped with the latest technology Maxi-trimaran Banque PopulaireVII. The fans did not embarrassed, this time from the winners of the great Frenchman was far to yellow 12-metre trimaran Happy he took fourth place in the Amateur division Multi Rhum.

In Pointe-à-Pitre on Guadeloupe to Peirano arranged such a meeting because his speech was full of symbolism. After all, Happy – little sister (younger by only three years!) trimaran Olympus, which canadian Mike birch won in 1978, on the very first Route du Rhum.

So during your current navigation, Peyron, paying tribute to the great sailors of the past used modern software and GPS, there was only Sexton, log and compass to determine the position in the ocean and traditional Dacron sails, and all contact with the outside world has been reduced to zero.

In 1978, birch and Olympus finished length 3542 nautical miles in 23 days or more. Note that now, Paron made it a lot faster for 21 days, 3 hours and 57 minutes.

PS Even last season, RdR-2014 loïc Peyron wanted to be Happy “the old way”: only on paper maps, without modern navigational instruments. And he even agreed with the captain Kriter V Bob Escoffier to arrange a mutual duel, it is for the terms and conditions first “Rum” race 1978 – with paper maps and traditional instruments.

Then the Shot did not work– he was invited to replace the outgoing before the start of the down captain big trimaran and he won the race on Banque Populaire.

This year he finished as wanted – aboard the beloved “Little yellow trimaran”, improving then the result of Mike birch. One problem – the duel again did not work, Kriter V Socomore Queguinner fizzled…

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